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Biographical Information
Full Name Abe No Hideaki
Other Name(s) Wandering Musician
Age 12
Home Abe House
Occupation(s) Guardian of Peace
Morality Good
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Dark
Relative(s) Abe No Seimei (Great Ascendant)
Affiliation(s) Abe Family
Allies Shikigami
Minions 71 Shikigami
Enemies Legend Hunter
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Tallisman

Shikigami Music

Weakness(es) Mortal Weakness
Equipment Tallisman and Flute
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)


Abe No Hideaki is a young and talented omnyouji. He is the direct descendant of Abe No Seimei, the greatest omnyouji in Asia. He is the Guardian of Peace. They call him the Wandering Musician.


Hideaki is a young boy wearing a monk outfit. He wears a Tengai on his head. He is always seem wandering around in cemetery or where tragedy happened. His first shikigami named Kurohime, a giant black Koi fish.


Hideaki is the direct descendant of Abe No Seimei. Abe No Seimei was the greatest omnyouji who has ever lived and he has banish many evil. He had captured and tame many demon beasts and seal them away. He also sent Shinigami to protect households and guard certain area such as palace or throne rooms. It become their secret family business. Hideaki become the head of Abe Family when he was three years old.


During his age 3, he sent paper Shikigami around Kyoto and defeated 101 Oni's.

During his age of 4, he tamed his first Shikigami a Koi fish called Kurohime.

During his age of 7, he defeated an giant Oni that was harrassing Kyoto.

During his age of 8, he learned to play the flute and tamed another Shikigami, a Qian Xun, a black-white peacock.

During his age of 10, he competes with Fa Hai in an talisman match. It came to an draw.

At some point of the timeline, the seal that Abe No Seimei cast has been undone. All the 71 beasts were release into the world. Hideaki now goes up in the world travelling to re-capture all the escaped beasts. He wishes to fullfill his destiny.


Long long time ago, a great omnyouji called Abe No Seimei captured a great beast and seal it in a isolated realm. Time after time, he captured and tamed more and more beast. All of the beast were sealed within this sacred realm called Sage realm. In the Sage realm, it divided into 7 major lands. There is Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth, Yin and Yang. Each land has a ruler. Before all the beast escape, there were 71 Sacred Beasts reside there. The first beast and the strongest one was a Gold Dragon.

Beside Gold Dragon, there are four more dark beasts lock up in the Land of Wu, the Eighth Land. They are Flying Tigerlion, HorseShoe Crab, Mirror and Chimera

Shinigami List

Land Fire Water Wood Metal Earth Yin Yang
1 Bat White


Ginseng Dragon Raccoon Spider Crystal
2 Sting


Turtle Slug Black



Tail Cat

Jade Rabbit Elephant


3 Paper 'Crane Sea Horse Cicada Weasel with

Scythe Tail

Four Tail


Scorpion Totem
4 Colorless 'Peacock Koi fish Insect King Deer Five Tail


Centipede 3 Leg Bird
5 Roaster Octopus Lotus Thunder Rat Seven Tail Pangolin Hornet Nine Son of Dragon
6 Phoenix Three Eye Whale White Tree Ox 'Demon Nine Tail Starfish Butterfly
7 Tengu Clam Rose Sun goku Panda Lizard Caracal
8 Twin Bird 3 tail Shark Frog Boar Dog Orochi Cactus
9 Pterodactyl Coral Charmeleon Kappa Stone Lion Wolf Ram
10 Owl Seal Dragon Jade Cobra Sleeping Baboon White Tiger Flying Squirrel Kilin

Powers and Abilities

As a head of the Abe Family, Hideaki is the youngest head and the most potential omnyouji to surpass Abe No Seimei.


Tallisman Hideaki is a professional Tallisman Master. He can create barriers and seal in an instant. He can even draw Tallisman in mid air.

Music Talent - Hideaki learned to play flute during the age of 8. His music has calm effect and also be able to banish evil.

Shinigami - He possesses two current Shikigami that are in his control. He is still searching for another 69.


Legend Hunter

Legend Hunter is currently hunting down the escaped Shikigami one by one. Hideaki is trying to re-capture the escape beast to protect them.

Fa Hai

Fa Hai envys Hideaki as he was able to compete with him in a Tallisman showdown. Despite his young ages, he was able to compete against a living buddha as himself.



  • I found you.
  • Please come with me.
  • I will fullfill my destiny.

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