Adam Harrison
Biographical Information
Full Name Adam Harrison
Alias Big Foot Jr
Other Name(s) Son of Big foor
Age 15
Home Tree Jungle
Occupation(s) Squad leader
Morality Neutral Evil
Gender Male
Race Big foot
Eye Color brown
Hair Color Brown
Relative(s) Big Foot Sr (Father)
Affiliation(s) Monster Squad
Allies Monster Squad (temporarily)
Minions Humanoid monster
Enemies Hunter
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Super speed

Animal language Super hearing Hair manipulation

Weakness(es) Mortal limit
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Adam Harrison is a 15 years old young boy. He is a big foot. He is currently leader of the beast division after his father capture by hunters. Member of the Monster Squad.


Adam looks like a normal teenager wearing yellow cloth with red jacket and jeans. His two most outstanding features are his overgrowing hair and his enormous feet. He doesn't wear shoes as they always break apart due to his big foot gene. He is unable to cut his hair as well as it always grow back in an second.


Adam lives in a small town. Everyone picked on him due to his appearance. His mother is a normal human and keep his father's secret from him. One day, he found out about his abnormality at the same time when Phantom told him his father is alive and locked in one of the hunters facility for experiments. He then run away from home and join the Monster Squad. He swear to save his father from the hand of hunters.


Big Foot is hunted by Hair Co. of hunter division. James order the Hair Co. division to hunt all Big Foot down and use their hair for experiments. Apparently the leader of Big Foot, Harrison, was captured and locked away. Unknowingly by hunters, he has a son whose name is Adam. He is now embracing his Big Foot side and breaking the entry into the hunter headquarters.

As part of the Monster Squad operation, he lead thousands of monkeys to attack the head quarter branch. He successfully break out his father out of the prison. James receive report from his subordinate that one of the hunters branch is under attack.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Adam Harrison is a 15 years old boy. He lacks of martial arts and most fighting capability, but he still maintains the strength of Big Foot. They are not relatively a Yeti from North's Workshop.

Hair Manipulation - Adam has no control over this power. His hair grow back after he cut it every time.

Great Speed - His foot grant him the power to run rapidly.

Animal Language - As a Big Foot, he can communicate with animals.




He loves his father very much.

Phantom Edit

He is be careful of Phantom as he think he is trying to lure him into doing something bad. The feeling is vice versa to Phantom. He doesn't trust him as well.



  • Where is my father?
  • I am not normal.
  • I am not a Yeti.
  • I am proud to be a Big Foot!

Creation ConceptEdit

Monster Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


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