Agatha is a Cambion. Friend with Imp.  She claim herself as the Princess of Hell.  She live in her nightmare world called Elementary Evil. 

Agatha Cycles
Biographical Information
Full Name Agatha
Alias Princess of Hell (Self claimed)
Other Name(s) Little Demon
Age 22
Home Elementary Evil
Morality Chaos Cycle
Gender Female
Race Cambion
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Relative(s) Unnamed low class demon (father)

Unnamed human witch (Mother)

Allies Llednar (previously)

Peter Pan (Temporarily) Sally Stitch

Enemies Shinee
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Teleportation

Claw of Delete Taunting

Weakness(es) Demon Weakness
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)


She appear to be extreme childish. Her appearance is only a little girl. She dress in black dress. She has black iris and torn mouth. Her most noticeable feature is long Arm that longer than her leg. She spoke in childish tone as well. 


Agatha is born from an unamed low class demon and a unamed human witch.  Her mother try to give her normal human life by sending her to school. Due to her spoil attitude by her father, no one in elementary school would befriend her. Agatha doesnt care much. Upon meeting imp and receiving an artifact, She turn the entire school into her doll house. She murder all the children and trap them in the elementary school. Upon knowing this, her mother alter the effect of the artifact. it trap agatha in the school where she need to collect 10000 children soul to break the seal and turn the power to hers


Agatha eventhough inherit her demonic power from her low class demon blood. Agatha still make a name for herself in the supernatural world. Many parent or guardian try to enter the School maze to save those poor soul that trap inside. But nope has succeed but only more and more soul getting trap inside. 

Agatha is later reveal to be the monster that killing shinee. She has been hiding and pretend to be one of the shinee. She trick them and kill them off one by one. 

Llednar appear to be the Agatha only friend at some point of the timeline. At first, she would play hide and seek with the unborn baby soul. Then start torture those poor soul. Llednar soon realize her nature and left her. Llednar almost get trap in the school as well. 

At some point of the timeline, Many  "Headmaster" has appointed and head to the elemetary to educate Agatha.  Many has been killed. She has succeed in killing at least 3 known "Headmaster"

She once meet peter pan before and even peter doesnt want to play hide and seek with this evil being. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a cambion, she is powerful but compare to a full grown demon. She not just a childplay. But this is not what fearsome about her. 

All Demon weakness -  As a cambion, she is expose to all demon fatal weakeness

Deception - Agatha strength lie in her deception and love to twist the fact.  This has been show when she trick the shinee into believing her and lurng them into her dollhouse. 

Tainted Soul Army - In her dollhouse so call the elementary of evil, she is good at summon locked soul to haunt the "Guest"

Teleportation - She seem to be able to teleport random anywhere in the school.

Hand of Delete - Her long too arm has the power to extract people soul out from their body. 

Taunting Cry - This is what agatha good at. 

Territory Advantage - Agatha gain advantage from the territory she familiar and lockec soul that surround her

School Bell( of nightmare (Artifact) - A School bell that give Agatha her power to turn the whole school into her dollhouse. Given by Imp. In exchange for power, she become lock and need to gather 10000 children soul to break the seal on her. Once she out for her restriction, all power from the bell become hers. 


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Curious ClubEdit

The curious club know about her existence but never darn to step foot in her territory 

Chaos CycleEdit

She is part of the Mecernery team under chaos cycle but she seldom take on any mission. As leaving the elementary evil mean she powerless 

Black ShepherdEdit

Current "Headmaster" is part of black shepherd. The Black shepherd is planning to gather and match into elementary evil to settle her once and for all. 

Llednar Edit

She is her only friend previously. Llednar to Agatha "Not being friend anymore doesnt make you my enemy, I still want you to eat , just not at my table" 


  • Ready or not, here I come
  • Found ya!
  • Scared of a little girl?​​​​​​
  •  But I can't play around with you anymore. Now, I'll show you what I can really do.
  • Like what I've done with the place?
  • You'll never get the bell, I won't let you!
  • Uh, uh, uh! No shortcuts!
  • Get back Here!!!!!!!!
  • Going somewhere?? I wont let you escape !!!!!
  • Pain is love, Show me your pain!!!!!
  • Ooo A New Friend, How Exciting , i put together a welcoming party for you.
  • I keep all your secret, all your mistake, all your pain. That what best friend are for. 

Creation ConceptEdit

Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment. Tribute to Dark deception. 


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