AlanXLucy is a pairing of Alan Airell and Lucy Flora.
Alan and Lucy

Alan and Lucy

About them

Alan and Lucy met when Alan was one hundred years old and he and his twin brother, Kilian, were leaving to the see and experience the world outside Avalon. Alan's overbearing protective nature towards Kilian prevented him from wanting to meet and get to know her. After four hundred years, Alan and Kilian returned to Avalon to visit parents with their friends, Fran and Stephen. During those years, Lucy was locked in a room by her mother and little sister, Treanna and only when their mother died is when Lucy was free and fled her former home. During her escape, Lucy meets Alan again and came along with him and his group to the parents' house. Throughout the time, she got along with twins, parents and their friends. Lucy decided to go along with the twins to their home in Scotland.


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