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Biographical Information
Full Name Alisa άνεμος θαύμα (ánemos tháv̱ma)
Other Name(s) Penelope (original name)
Age 415 (physically 15)
Home Greece (but travels around the world)
Occupation(s) Guardian of Freedom
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Windie
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Raven or a type of brown
Relative(s) Hemera (mother), Nyx (aunt)
Affiliation(s) The Guardians
Allies Valentina Love and other guardians
Minions Ai
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Tornados, Breeze blasts, Air balls and others
Weakness(es) Gray clouds, smoke, and no oxygen
Background Information
First Seen
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Voice Actor(s)

What did we become Guardians for? Ourselves? We fight for love!


Alisa is the Guardian of Freedom. She is role-played by Cheryl.

About Edit

Alisa is the guardian of Freedom and a gift of the wind. She loves the outdoors and hates being alone. She is good at controlling clouds and other things, she has a bond with doves and eagles. Alisa was born by the northern winds. They created her to protect the clouds and animals that fly from darkness. Her friend Dove is named "Ai". Alisa is Greek which means her mother Hemera is also Greek.

Catchphrase: "Spread my wings and fly!"       

Personality: Wise and caring

Skin color: Pale or fair


Alisa can nerd people out by talking about the features of the wind and sky, but other then that she is very nice and very understandable. Alisa is also the kind of person who hates racism and prison, since she loves Freedom and the daytime.


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  • "Grey clouds weaken me." 
  • "Wind and Smoke are two different items."
  • "Spread my wings and fly!"
  • "America is amazing, but not as amazing as home sweet home."

History (Not Greek accurate)Edit

Her former name was Penelope and she was reckless before she was a guardian and then got kidnapped by Chaos along with her mom, Hemera, she sacrificed herself for her mother and broke free, making her a guardian. Alisa's power was taught by Zeus; Chaos however, still has Hemera in his cages and plans to kill Alisa. Alisa met other friends while joining the guardians. Her aunt Nyx taught her to become a guardian too.



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