Alister Airell
Biographical Information
Full Name Alister Airell
Other Name(s)
Age 500+ (physically 26)
Birthplace Avalon
Home Avalon
Occupation(s) Jokester
Morality Good
Gender Male
Race Star Fairy
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Blue
Relative(s) Xarian and Morgan Airell (parents)

Kilian and Alan (cousins) Uther (Uncle) Fayre (Aunt)

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Starlight, Makes anyone or anything slippery regardless of surface
Weakness(es) Lead
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Alister Airell is the cousin of Kilian and Alan Airell. He is role played by Skyebreeze.


Alister is the only child of Xarian and Morgan Airell on the mysterious island of Avalon. Alister is a natural born prankster. He loves to be funny, even though he could be a little clumsy. After his two cousins, Kilian and Alan were born, he went around and played with them, although making a few disasters with helping with the chores, due to his silliness. When there are situations that require one to be serious, Alister refuses and instead makes jokes and pranks, which causes him to clash with Kilian quite a lot of times. After Kilian lost his sight on that night of the fire, Alister unintentionally made a poorly timed joke about his cousin going blind and that caused a rift between them for a while. Eventually, he did apologize for his insulting joke and promises to be more considerate of others. After the twins left, Alister remained behind and later decided to travel to various places, where humor is present. He wants to have a relationship, but his slight clumsiness, doesn't let any date last long.



  • One of Alister's cousins. When they were younger, Alister's jokester personality often clashed with Kilian's slightly more serious personality. They went through a rough patch in their relationship with Alister making a terrible joke about blindness after Kilian was blinded by magical fire, but did make up.


  • Alister's other cousin and Kilian's twin brother. The two boys got along pretty well and both of them want Kilian to be with someone.


  • Alister is Scottish for "Defender."
  • Alister's clumsiness and date disasters are inspired by Jon Arbuckle from Garfield and Friends.
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