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Ariana Flynn
Biographical Information
Full Name Ariana Flynn
Other Name(s) Rapunzel
Age 800 (Physically 18)
Birthplace Flower Kingdom
Occupation(s) Guardian of Celebration
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Spring spirit
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Gold
Affiliation(s) Guardian Alliance
Allies Guardian Alliance
Enemies Pitch

Witch Daeva

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Plant Manipulation

Light Magic Hair Manipulation Defense magic

Weakness(es) Flower Dying
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Ariana is the spirit of Spring. She is the Guardian of Celebration, member of the Guardian Alliance. She is an old friend of Jack and Author. Third member of Jack's party before he became a Guardian. She lives in Hanging Garden. She is also the holiday character of May Day and daughter of the Flower Queen.


Ariana has long golden hair and blue eyes. She appears in her 18. She wears a long purple dress and always keep a positive attitude. She is playful and has no interest being bound by rules. She is always seem wearing a flower crown. Wherever she walks, she leave a trail of flower petals.


Ariana was once a princess in a certain country. She was adopt by her people, however because of her evil step mother, she was locked in the castle for years. Her step mother realizes her talent but wish to keep her from mastering it. Jack and and the party people rescue her during their journey. She decide to join their party.

After some point of the timeline, the party dismisses. She start the new journey on her own. She travel around the world, wherever she went she brought warmness around children. She is like a unforgettable sunshine to everyone that came across her. Not too long ago, a myth start as a flower lady was bringing spring. The people begun to celebrate the day called: May Day. She was crowned as the May Queen.


Ariana brings spring to wherever she goes. Children come out to play during the spring. One day, she came across a familiar evil person, it was her evil step mother which she later found out was a century witch who survive the trial of salem. The witch likes to curse children and inflict the pain. Ariana protected them from her and drives them away. Soon after that, she was recruit into the Guardian Alliance.

Jack meets her again during his journey of training. He is suprise that she has become his senior and needs to learn from him. Pitch send out his nightmares and burn all her flowers to the ground. Before Jack could save the day, she drove Pitch off and admit that she is no longer the princess she used to be.

Ariana is shown again during the grand meeting of the Guardian Alliance. She voiced out that her flower field in Poland dry out. Later to be revealed Slenderman has hidden himself in Poland.

She is mention again by Kintaro that she has help him complete his training.

Upon hearing Author is alive from Jack, she tries to seek him out. Upon meeting Author, she was traped in Author's book, Musuem of Fear after Author rejected his confession of love. She was later rescued by the mysterious Savior.


Upon Meeting Jack

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As spirit of the Spring, she is shown to be very smart and use her ability to max point. Among members of the Guardians, her strength is quite low in rank even though she defeated Pitch herself.

Plant Manipulation She can make flowers bloom. She controls the the tree vine to trap Pitch. Her normal defence attack is Flower Cannon.

Light Magic - She knows little light magic. She uses this ability to bring spring to the places she goes.

Defense Magic - She surrounds the children in flowers and protect them from the witches curse.

Hair Manipulation - She is able to control her free will and can tangle the enemy in sight. She is able to manifest a Hair Punch out of her hair.



She and Jack story goes way back. They are old friends and meet again after so many years.



When she trap in the Castle

As all of the Guardian, Pitch is her enemy. She works hard to recover her flower field after Pitch destroyed May Day.


She is shown to have no love interest to Author. However she still wishes to bring Author back from his dark path.  

Witch Daeva Edit

She became her step mother at some point. Ariana decided to stood up to her after she hurt the children.


  • Jack, is that you?
  • Flower is being hurt.
  • My mom used to comb my hair.

Creation ConceptEdit

Guardian Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


The photo come from [1]

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