I am not quite human. You could say that I am simply of the mist


Biographical Information
Full Name
Alias Girl in the Mist
Other Name(s)
Age Hundreds of years old (appears 13)
Home Mist Forest
Morality Good ("But you gotta earn my trust to get me on your side")
Gender Female
Race Human like spirit
Eye Color Pale blue
Hair Color White
Relative(s) "None anymore. I'm alone now and I like it"
Allies The Guardians


Enemies "Only if ya get on my bad side...and you don't wanna be there"
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Shape shift into a cat

Transform her physical body to be like mist, giving her the ability to disappear and reappear

Quick and agile

Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Ashlyn is a human like spirit that dwells within the mist.

Appearance Edit

Ashlyn looks like a young 13 year old girl, even though she is actually hundreds of years old. She has long white hair that reaches down to her ankles and pale blue eyes. She wears a short dress made of gray fur and has tall fur boots to match.

Personality Edit

Ashlyn has a very child like personality. She enjoys exploring and climbing trees in her forest. Sometimes when she leaves the forest, she likes to spy on others, appearing to them in her white cat form. She can be slightly mysterious, but most of it is out of fun.

She is very protective of the forest she lives in. But she is fiercely loyal and caring to the ones she befriends.

Abilities Edit

  • Ashlyn is able to transform into a white cat.
  • She is very fast and agile, her powers of the mist give her almost ghostly abilities.
  • Magical songs that can do different things, such as temporarily turning someone into a spirit like mist creature.

Relationships Edit

Salem Edit

She first encountered Salem in her Mist forest when he ran away because of his insanity. She stayed hidden and watched him, but finally approached him in her own childish yet mysterious way. The two soon became friends, but he was still struggling with the fear and insanity in his mind. After Salem was found, Ashlyn stayed hidden, making Salem wonder if she was real, or just a hallucination. Ashlyn loves Salem's shy personality. But sometimes her carefree personality and Salem's worrying about everything clash.

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