Author HHH
Biographical Information
Full Name The Author
Other Name(s) Haddock
Age 800 (physically 18)
Birthplace Berk
Occupation(s) Dragon summoner (Formerly)

Author (Currently)

Morality Evil
Gender Male
Race Mortal (formely)

Immortal (currently)

Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Affiliation(s) Slenderman
Allies Jack (Former)

Savior (Former) May Queen (Former)

Enemies Jack
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Author Magic

Portal Book Word Magic Dragon Summoning

Weakness(es) Ageing
Equipment Grimore
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Author is a mystery Counter Guardian doing his evil work in the dark. Author is one of Jack`s old acquaintance. He travels around the world spreading his work of fear. His Signature is HHH.


Author appears to be around same age as Jack. His actual age is that he is younger than Jack. He has brown hair and likes wearing green, he sometimes also seems wearing glasses. He likes to write and read. He is physically weak and timid but his ambitioun is quite an opposite.


Author is a mortal, living in a place called Berk. He is an outcast by the villagers as he is a practitioner of magic. He meets Jack in some point of the timeline before Jack became a Guardian. They become best friend and went on adventures for quite some time.

As the only mortal in the group, he became more and more feared of death. He begins to search for a way to gain immortality. In the end, he found a way of feeding off fear to keep him from aging.


Upon start reading horror stories, he distributes thousand of copies of the book throughout the world. The monsters came alive at night, terrorize children and live phobia in their childhood. He become crazily addicted in writing his storys. He was creating thousand and thousand of fiction monsters throughout the century without getting interfere by anyone. He keeps changing his identity from William Shakespear, to RL Stine, to Stephen King, and to HP Love Craft.

At some point of the timeline, Teddy has report this incident to the Guardian Alliance. They came to aware of the Author`s existence. They tried to search for his whereabout but eventually fail.

In 2014, Author spread his newest creation throughout the modern ages. Unaware even to him his creation, Slenderman, break free and become independent. He began tracking down Slenderman and racing with the Guardians, who will catch Slenderman first.

At Indiana, he meets Jack once again. Surprise by his sudden appearance he lock Jack, who thought he was dead long time ago, into one of his dark tale, Asylum of Eternal. In the end, Katherine freed Jack from the book but Author escaped.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a former party person of Jack's group, he possess incredible magic power. He possess only a normal human physical strength and speed but also possessing thousand years of knowledge.


When Author meet Jack for the first time

Author Magic -  As an Author, he is able to temporarily summon his creations to live by signing his initial HHH on the page.

Portal - He is seem able to travel by using his book. He was also shown to be able to lock Jack inside the book.


Best friend Forever

Dragon Summoning - Before becoming the Author, he pratices mostly summoning magic. Black Dragon is his favorite summon. It is unknown whether if he still possesses this ability after becoming immortal.

Word Magic - He was seem using this magic to battle Katherine in a 'Tale Battle'. Katherine`s Happily Ever After eventually beat his Climax Suspense Technique.



He is suprised and ashamed that he lose in a tale battle to a girl.


They were once best friends and he grows jealous toward him and seek immortality to stand on equal ground.


Pitch dislike Author as they are in competition in collecting fear. It either fear from the book or fear from a dream.

May Queen Edit


Ice Spirit and Dragon Summoner

She is the love of his Life. But May Queen did not feel the same way about him.They are old acquaintances.

Slenderman Edit

He feel dissatisfaction against his own creation, trying to defy him.


  • Look at me, we are the same now - to Jack.
  • Wonderful, such wonderful scream.
  • Have you read one of my books? Alice in Nightmare is my personal favourite.
  • Black Dragon come forth.

Creation ConceptEdit

Counter Guardian Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


The photo come from [1]

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