BelleXAyden (Beyden) is the pairing of Belle Airic, Guardian of Wishes and Ayden, Guardian of Homeland.
Belle and Ayden

Ayden and Belle.


Ayden lived to settle in the Fairy Moors, a part of Fantasia Valley, when he met a girl named Belle Airic traveling across the area. Meeting Belle and seeing her smile, gave him hope that there was someone for him. Belle was entranced by the Fairy Moors and its inhabitants along with Ayden's real form. Belle's positive outlook on life, touched Ayden, reminding him about how his late mother used to think. Over the course of many days, the two of them got closer together and Ayden's grandparents were happy that their grandson was happy with someone. Belle's twin brother, Anzan, allowed Belle to be with Ayden, on the condition that he must promise, not to allow anyone to harm his sister in any way, which he agrees.

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