Biographical Information
Full Name Billy
Other Name(s) Lord of Pest
Age 300
Birthplace Farm
Home Forest of Abbadon
Occupation(s) Mercenery
Morality Evil Neutral
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Gray
Affiliation(s) Chaos Cycle
Minions Unloved Animal
Enemies Human
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Raw Strenght

Dark power

Weakness(es) Human Love
Equipment Dark Necklace
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Billy is an animal spirit who manifest into a human form. He work as a mercenary for Dark side. He lives in the Forest of Abbandon. He is given the nickname: The Lord of Pest.

Appearance Edit

Billy is a muscular man in his mid 30's He has giant goat horn on his head. Some of the fur cover his entire body. He carry a necklace which given by his -x master around him. He seldom show his face as he do not like other to see it. He is gentle around animal but berserk around human.

Background Edit

Billy was once a normal goat who lived in a farm. The Farm had a big family such as cows, chicken, horse, dog, cat, bird, rat and so on. The family always dance and sing around the night together with Man in the Moon. (Hey Diddle, Diddle) However, this happy family has a bad master who torture animals. Billy the goat was tortured and died in the end. Upon dying, Man in the Moon saw his potential and wished to revive him as a Guardian. However, on the exact moment, Chaos Cycle took his soul one step ahead of MIM and turn him into a dark spirit.

Story Edit

Billy who was supposed to become the Guardian of Protection but due to interfere of Chaos Cycle. He was turned into a dark spirit before getting a chance to become a Guardian. The Chaos Cycle gave him the name, Billy.

Billy an animal spirit manifest into human form. He gather all those pets that were wrong and not loved by their master. They move and live in the forest now call forest of Abbdadon. He doesn't really leave the forest. He hate to be around humans. However, he send his animal henchman pesting human. Dogs chasing children who go to school. Bird destroying crops. Mouse cause plague on the children and monkeys steal from humans.

At some point of the timeline, he was requested by the Chaos Cycle to fight in their world. After losing, he turned back into a goat. However, he is revive by Lady Chang under request by MIM. However, he still decline becoming a Guardian and went back to the forest.

After the second chance, he was only pestering the humans who were mean to animals. He sometimes send an animal to protect children such as dogs or birds to protect children secretly.


Powers and Abilities Edit


As an animal spirit, Billy is strong comparing to other animal spirits but he is weak compare to greater being such as angels and demons.

Animal Authority He does not have the power to control the animals but his minions all follow him willingly out of understand his feelings.

Raw Strength As a goat spirit, he doesn't possess any magic power. He possess raw strength to fight.

Dark Magic - He is always mistaken as a demon due to his horn appearance. After being recruit by Chaos Cycle, they enchant the necklace he possessed with dark magic. By wearing it, he possess dark power. He turns the dark power into an axe or other weapon.

Relationships Edit

Chaos Cycle Edit

He is loyal to chaos cycle as they are the ones who taught him what he knows now but he doesn't know that they are just using him.

MIM Edit

Billy and MIM are very close friends long time ago. He was brainwashed after he become a dark animal spirit.

Abby Edit

Abby meet Billy once. He asked Abby to abandon Jamie but Abby decline. .


He has a mix feeling of Gabriel. As he dont understand gabriel loyal to his family depise of getting abuse

Quotes Edit

  • Humans are all evil.
  • Humans are the real animals.
  • I will have my revenge on the humans.

Creation Concept Edit

Character is created by Jona. All copyrights goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.

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