Blake and Ember.


Blake and Ember had always been best friends. Ember's necklace was even given to her from Blake when they were kids. They love each other, but Ember isn't supposed to. They do anyway.

Blake's POVEdit

Blake loves her and would do anything for her, including stand up to two people who were bullying her. She's also one of the only people who can really tick him off sometimes. She's tried to kill him multiple times for people like her father and K, but he still loves and trusts her anyway.

Ember's POVEdit

Ember loves him too. However, she's not supposed to love him. She's tried to kill him before, but he always somehow survives, annoying Ember very much sometimes. He's one of the few people she feels she can trust and get close to.

Others POVEdit


Mallory thinks they're perfect together and wants them to get married.


Joy also thinks they're perfect together and supports them.


Pitch doesn't agree. He thinks Ember will get too attached to Blake and leave his side, even though that isn't likely.


Britney is mad at Ember for "stealing Blake" and is jealous that Blake chose Ember over her.


K loves Ember and is mad at Blake because Ember loves Blake instead of him.


Phoenix said They're a "perfect couple" and got angry at K when he kissed her.


  • Some possible shipping names (? I'm not sure what there called) are: Blember, Blaker, Elake, Bmber, Blber, Embake, Emblake...
  • Blake and Ember are complete opposites. (Examples: Blake is good, Ember is bad. Blake likes day, Ember likes night. Blake like winter, Ember likes summer...)
  • Blake's favorite color is red, which is the color of passion, while Ember's favorite color is blue, the color of calmness, even though he's the Guardian of calmness and she's the Guardian of passion.


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