• Euphoria97

    Hi, Euphoria here! Anyone want to do a relationship (BL) pairing with one of my charcters? Like roleplay their story out. Again I want to do a BL pairing for my characters. Although I want to pair my current 2 characters up in a BL ship, I cross that out as it'd be less fun or one of you can play one of my two characters and we can do it that way.

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  • Valentin girl

    Hello there dear new members and thank you for joining us to this Wiki. Here is written information on how to do certain things and how to add them. 

    Starting a new page takes only a couple of clicks and is an important part of contributing to a community.

    • Click on the Add button (it appears as Add New Page if you are an anonymous user) on the top right of your community header.
    • The "Create a new article" box will open.
    • You can choose the article name by typing it in the box. This name will become the last part of the page's URL.
    • Decide between a standard page layout or a blank page. The standard layout provides image and video placeholders as well as section headings. The preload contents for the "Standard layout" are stored at MediaWiki:Create…

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  • Jona19992


    January 22, 2020 by Jona19992







    Guess the ingredient 

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  • Jona19992

    Living Legend

    August 2, 2019 by Jona19992

    A Journal that record by Grimm brother, the first guild master of the hunter association is found after James step down from his leadership role. The Journal record an ancient war that everyone has forgotten. Demon King terrorize the world with his Demonic Army. The Eight Heroes has been gather to Defeated the Demon King. The story goes.....

    Two magic apprenctice gather in their master dungeon. 

    Sorceress : Master has depart to the End of the World for months now. 

    Wizard : I wish i can join 

    Sorceress : We only be a burden. They facing the Demon King afterall 

    Wizard : Ya, you right 

    Sorcesress : But we can actually give our mental support. Let spy on the battle.

    Wizard : But master told us not to do anything rash 

    Sorceress : Relax, We are just …

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  • Orion's Dagger

    Dear He Bo of the Yellow River,

        It is with little regret that I'm declining your job offer. See, I'm not really one for subterfuge, and neither am I one for betraying my current employer. That being said, I'll be keeping the bribe, since I'd hate to see it go to waste.

        I also do not regretting informing Lady Undine of this decision, as well as your attempt to sway me to your cause against her. She was not surprised, in fact she laughed for several minutes at the complete idiocy of the whole thing. After making a decision with all prominent members of the Southern Ocean, we have decided to relocated the Lost River once again, as it seems our current location after having transferred to the late Lord Tangaroa's region has been compromi…

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  • Jona19992

    Let Not talk about the Graphic of the animation. It might not maintain what it seen in the Movie. It might become something like a TV series of Kungfu Panda. 

    If our effort payoff, Dreamwork decide adopt rise of guardian back and turn it into a TV series. Who will the be main and supporting charatcer? What will be the story? When will it come out? How will they link ombric and catherine together into this?? Will they have more character?? Which villain or book character will be appear? Where will the new story taken place?? Still Burgess? And all those Why and question that unsolved can finally reveal. 

    For me, I want Jack to be the lead role with few the rest of the big four as supporting charatcer. 

    Other than that, imagine, William Joyce a…

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  • Fangirl111

    William Joyce has been working to bring back ROTG, and DreamWorks is listening! Now you must help the Guardians! Spread the word and tell everyone! You can post about Jack or the Guardians, the movie or the books, tag Jack and the Guardians, tell DreamWorks what this means to you! Post as much as you can and tag William Joyce (@heybilljoyce on Twitter, heybilljoyce on Istagram, williamjoyce on Tumblr) and DreamWorks Animation. Help bring back Rise of the Guardians!

    Bring back the Guardians!

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  • Guy covered in squirrels says what?

    I created Wendy before Emily, and was planning on shipping her with Jack. However, I keep imagining Emily hanging out with Jack, and I kinda ship them now. How did this happen? Heeeeelp meeeeeee (Seriously though, if anyone has any solutions I will gladly listen.)

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  • Jona19992


    September 22, 2018 by Jona19992

    Day 1 - I am the daughter of the royal family. It is my duty to marry him. Therefore, i will record my life as his wife. 

    Day 29 - Tomorrow is the night i am gonna get marry, I am so glad to marry him. 

    Day 30 - Today, i become the Queen. I will standby his side. 

    Day 40 - I meet him for the first time, He friend with my husband. I never see someone so gorgeous. They seem really close. 

    Day 53 - This is the first time i see my husband shear tear. His friend is dead. I dont know what happen. 

    Day 55 - My husband is obssess on revenge... I dont know how to help him, What can i do. The country is sufferting

    Day 56 - I decide to support my husband. I will rule the country on behalf. 

    Day 90 - What have i done??? Someone please help me 

    Day 91 - There …

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  • Orion's Dagger

    The Fallen Gaudin

    September 19, 2018 by Orion's Dagger


    I'm falling.

    I remember...the light...and the sky.

    My father, and mother...and my siblings.

    But I only remember impressions, I cannot remember their actual names...

    I sigh, and like always, my breaths are swiftly eaten by the nothing I'm falling through.


    Falling for...a timespan.


    Oh...its another thing falling happens occasionally, but they always drift away again.

    A sock.

    Just another sock.

    Its usually a single sock. One of a pair; lost, like me.

    And I've seen keys and small toys, and many other things I do not know the names of. People probably created new stuff after I fell.

    At least I have my bed.

    Its the only other falling object that has stayed with me for as long as I can remember falling.

    I pillow he…

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  • Sam veer

    hey vale i'm here

    September 14, 2018 by Sam veer
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  • Valentin girl

    Dear Diary

    August 7, 2018 by Valentin girl

    The memory came back to me... I thought I would forget it, as some other that were made in the past. ...But it came back. 

    There.. when we were waiting for John coming back from the medical room, I saw an empty room some feet away. 

    I could feel the energy going out of me. 

    I saw myself there, with doctors next to me. 

    They did a surgery. Which was my idea. 

    It was my demand. 

    When they made it, I felt free. And since then I didn't looked back. Not until today. 

    As John was ready to leave, I was reliefed that we were going from that place and never return. But soon... thoughts were running through my brain. Mostly considering, what will he do? 

    Will he understand if I could say,... that what he wants,.... I cannot give? 

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  • Jedha,The Savior of the demons

    "We aren't children of the Lord of the Elements, we were simply adopted by him. I've taken the liberty of searching our own history, our heritage, our family. Though countless winters have passed, it seems only grew ever forward into the truth."

    Within the Northern Hemisphere of the world, lies a witch lying in wait. Beautifully writing on a pack of parchment of papers, she would giggle as she writes each word she writes

    "The Origin of Minerva Flamehand, through my little investigation I found out that she's a fire giant within the realm of the Norse Mythology, being one of Surtr's children. I'm not sure why or how Minerva ended up with me and Sylvia but I guess something came up. At least she's living up to what I assume to be her father's …

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  • Jedha,The Savior of the demons

    "I have scoured the world.... Erasing memories of my allies, with each victim, I succumb only to my own selfish ends.... To live in power, to hunger for it, it only drives someone so much to the point of insanity...."

    A tall man wearing dark heavy armor, seemingly and aimlessly walks in the ruins of Camelot, a storm heavily falling down upon it. Each impact of raindrops he hears the screams of the innocents he sacrified for power, for his own lust to become the greatest, only to lead him to even more suffering and pain....

    "Now I aimlessly walk the land I once called home.... For my only sorrow is not be here to call upon to atone.... My body shakes with the spritis of the past, yielding me ever more so to be entrapped with the pain of I now…

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  • Orion's Dagger

    Facing Faces

    July 29, 2018 by Orion's Dagger

    A young man finds himself walking cautiously into an ancient Roman temple. He is unsure why he is here, yet he follows the pull of fate whenever he can, if only to avoid the painful punishments that torment his mind and body whenever he fails. The door closes behind him. Panicked, he attempts to open it, but is stopped by a voice behind him. He turns to find a two-faced man.

    "We must talk," speaks the man. Both mouths move, doubling his words in a strangely hollow echo.

    The young man replies cautiously, with the question weighing on his mind, "Why am I here? I see no reason, no beings for this curse to have me effect."

    "Abloec, it is time."

    "Don't call me by that name! I am Janus Chance, the Hand of Fate and Guardian of Destiny...Its time for …

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  • Orion's Dagger

    I am Huginn.

    I am Muninn.

    Memories should be remembered.

    Histories should be remembered.

    There are some few who deny that.

    They wish to forget, yet still they cannot.

    They chronicle, yet wish not to be chronicled themselves.

    We will chronicle them.

    We will chronicle.

    The elder was a wizard named Lorem Ipsum Memorium.

    He made a pact with us when he was young.

    He saw the power in names.

    And the danger.

    He built a Library.

    The Library.

    We are his benefactors.

    We are his masters.

    He has friends.

    The Master Merlin and the Forgotten One's Claim.

    The great wizard and the warlock.

    What an unfortunate group.

    The second one was a god.

    His name was Hodr.

    He is supposed to be dead.

    He is not, he was saved from his brother Vali.

    He is supposed to be dead.

    He carries the mistlet…

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  • Jedha,The Savior of the demons

    Before the rise of the Guardians, before the Ice Ages succumb the world in deathly ice, before the threat and rule of the Dark Ages, before everything and everyone has their technology and the war between the Guardian Alliance and Chaos Cycle scourges across the world, it was the time of the three sisters.

    "In an age of magic and power, there were three sisters in each sectors and corners of the world. Long have they reign and ensure the planet's survival, they control what elements they've been given and kept the peace for an untold time.

    Minerva , the warrior witch of the North, living in a mighty fortress that now has been crumbled into a ruin and turned into a volcano, Mount Etna. She controls over Fire and Nature, having known for her sho…

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  • Valentin girl

    Unknown mask

    November 10, 2017 by Valentin girl

    He was everything I had. He was my last in my life. And now, he is gone.

    The city, with it's huge buildings, were crashing down, crumbling like children's block toys when it is smashed. Dust came around and lifting itself up towards the sky, trying to escape the hell fire that was raging down. It felted like we were in hell. And it was.

    Everything in flames. A bloody pile everywhere you looked at. I knew that my father was there. He said he would be. Fighting. Fighting for justice. And I know HE would be there as well. Father told me so. I would battle with my father also, but he said, that it isn't my time yet.

    Before the battle even started, I was happy with my family. I had a happy life then. My mother and father, as I once asked them, mee…

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  • Valentin girl

    Love music

    September 6, 2017 by Valentin girl

    It was near Germany where the story began. Outside, where was the blue sky with few white clouds roaming through, the green grass with daisies and other roses, few trees standing alone, and a bunch of children running around with their short feet. They were in a park with lots of playful objects to use, but they decided to play Tag. One of them, Kriss, was the one who had the power to tap another child and let him have the "it". The children were having a lot of fun chasing each other throughout the game and after they decided they had enough of tag, they were going to play "Ring around the Rosie." As they sang the song, a soft melody came by and escorted their vocals with tune. There was someone playing a flute near the playground. The in…

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  • BartoszC

    My Role-Play Wiki

    July 5, 2017 by BartoszC

    Hi, I'm BartoszC, but you can call me Barto. I've been role-playing since 2009 on games like Club Penguin, ROBLOX, and Minecraft, but now I want to Role-Play here on Wikia. So I've created a wiki called "The Role-Playing Community (Wiki)" , TRPC for short. ValentinGirl wanted to help me and I am asking you to help me ith this wiki. First of all, the wiki was created yesterday and it has five pages. I already have one Bureaucrat, besides me, and ValetinGirl, whom I will make an Administrator. What's different from all the other role-playing wikis is that this wiki, is for not one, but millions and millions of role-plays. So, I ask you to help as much as you can, and we will make a thriving wiki! Also, please read the rules first, and if you…

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  • Valentin girl

    Hey guys, Val here. 

    I just want to tell you, that I have been thinking about promoting this Wiki to a larger area, on 2 Wiki's. 

    The first Wiki, is the Comunity Central, where I can write the blog and then ask for the spotlight, so everyone could see our Wiki.

    The second one, is just for all the RP Wiki's that are on the internet, which it is a great thing too, because lots of people want to rp in different ways. 

    So, if you are up, that this Wiki should be promoted, please comment bellow. 

    Thank you

    Valentin girl (talk) 11:33, July 5, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Valentin girl

    Hey guys, Val here.

    So June is coming to an end and it is almost July! Man, times really goes by. 

    Anyway, as you all know, the characters on the home page, in the boxes will be replaced by another three characters of the month. This time you have the date from 27.6. (today) till 5.7. 2017. 

    Now, I am going to add the link of the blog for the polls. Voting Character of the Month

    If you have any questions, comment bellow and let me know!

    Valentin girl (talk) 09:36, June 27, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Valentin girl

    Hey guys, Val here.

    Some of you guys maybe have notice (or not) that there is a Character of the Month boxes on the Home page - if you didn't then you should probably look at it. The boxes were made for the month of May, and as June is coming up close, the boxes which contains the characters will change.

    I know that the project of making the boxes was set on February, last year, when Ember announced, failed. But it is only because we all have also our social life and some aren't on 24/7 every day. So in May, this year, I have made the boxes (but aren't made the same as it was shown in the plan. I am still learning to work with different kinds of codes. So maybe in some years in the future, I or anyone else will make them better).

    Anywho.. the…

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  • Crystal Aurora

    (Hello, thought I'd post this while the story is revealed in "Sands of Time". I'll keep posting parts to it as it is revealed)

    It was late at night in the underground cave lair. Serpentine walked through the largest cave which was often used for battle training. It had stalactites hanging down from the ceiling and large stones all around the cave, some stacked almost to the ceiling. This is where Venom, Viper, and Fang often practiced, and where they also trained Serpentine's disappointment of a son, Salem.

    It had been gen years tonight since Serpentine had successfully imprisoned her older sister, Scorpia, in a desert tomb. At least that got her out of the way. There was just one thing Serpentine still worried about.

    She walked through the c…

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  • Fangirl111

    This is the blog for voting which characters and pages will be put on the home page for the month. There will be 3 categories of characters, good, neutral and evil. If we run out, we'll use pets and homes until we start again. The characters will be in different colored boxes, light colors for good characters and dark for evil. The polls will be seperate for each of them. You can have a picture of your character or not and they will be on the front page.

    There are 4 people with jobs for this.

    • Announcer - User:Valentin girl will announce the winners, losers, ties, new character(s) for polls, changes in polls or rule changing.
    • Designer - User:Fangirl111 aka Ember (me) will add characters to the different polls as well as boxes, designs the poll…
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  • Fangirl111

    I'm making this blog first, but it'll be edited soon!

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  • Johnathon Strider

    Battle of The Ages

    September 5, 2015 by Johnathon Strider

    Theme of the Battle of the Ages (Custom Halo 3 Theme): [1]

    This page is meant to document the events that occurred during the Role Playing Session, Battle of The Ages. Those who either have or are participating in it or have information concerning it are more then welcomed to transcribe the events. Remember, keep it clean unless it's what happened. Also, the creation of background information is permitted on this page. -Captain Johnathon Strider

    The Battle of The Ages was, more or less, The War of The Ages. It was a great battle that only took place between two deadly belligerents, the UNSC and the Covenant Remnant, but the war was waged in multiple time periods. This was capable through the necessary use of an inter-dimension time portal of …

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  • Fangirl111

    1. LOTS of stuff about codes and things like that.

    2. Signatures!

    3. User rights and what you're supposed to do with said rights and more importantly, how to do it right.

    4. Some people will refuse to listen to the rules and will only bully and troll, those people are NOT worth your tears, stress, time and hard work, so don't give it to them. If they refuse to listen and stop TELL AN ADMIN. Trust me, even if you're scared of what they'll do or don't want them to get blocked, DO IT. The Admin will handle it and you shouldn't bother worrying because it'll be fine.

    5. You don't have to give Admin rights to everyone who asks. If they prove themselves to be a liar or anything bad like that, don't give it to them just because they want to or threaten…

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  • Fangirl111


    May 2, 2015 by Fangirl111

    I feel like such an idiot right now! Probably because I am -_- Ugh, I wish I could be a better Admin like Skyebreeze and The Rush are, or at least be a confident person like my favorite characters are.. I wish I could've stood up for myself and others without it biting me in the as...butt (-_-) for no reason, I wish I could have stood up to the bullies and I wish I could have helped the users being bullied! People can be such ungrateful jerks! I can be as sweet as candy to them and they’ll just act like I'm something someone dumped on the side of the road or a pile of crap and vomit and not give two shits about what they do to hurt others! Even if I did something to help THEM they still do it!! I could barely even even know them and they can…

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  • Valentin girl
    • Be patient with newcomers: they are excited to join in (in every Wiki), some don't read the rules and culture, but don't be frustrated about it - everyone has a chance to learn. Show people that their edits and helping are noticed and valued. (This all is Good Faith) Letting them know, helps them to be a better editor - they can see that someone did read their message and they can be very happy (positive encouragement) and is a great feeling.
    • Good faith: Help the editor, approach disagreements (with a sence that the other person just wants to help - be friendly, honest and a caring voice), edit errors ( then talk to the user, that made that, kindly and with a explanation), take a deep breath (when there is a message, that irratates you - take a step…
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  • Fangirl111

    How to be an Admin

    March 19, 2015 by Fangirl111

    Note that this blog is solely created by Ember and contains her opinions as well as facts from the Wikia Staff. It should in no way be affiliated with any other blog post about the same subject unless specifically written that it is.

    Heya! Guess what time it is, rant time! So most of the time on the ROTG Wiki and this Wiki, I act like a User which is basically I act like I normally would, but when I act like an Admin (which I actually find myself doing a lot on other Wikis) I try to act more calm, mature and not take sides, though I usually don't act like an Admin on this Wiki, strangely. I should though. So, I'm gonna talk about what I think it takes to be an Admin.

    So, being an Admin, obviously you need to edit and contribute often, help o…

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  • EternallyFrozen13

    Deleted blog

    February 28, 2015 by EternallyFrozen13

    This blog post has been deleted.

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  • Valentin girl

    Meet the sister

    January 26, 2015 by Valentin girl

    Info: New readers can see -> First act

    >>I was long within her.... too long. There is nothing here, except warmness, light and happiness. Oh, how I despise it. I could be free from this shell, now and forever more! But no. I have to wait. Wait for the right moment to struck down. I have to wait, till she is weak...then, just then I will have her. I will be free. And that freedom is getting nearer and nearer. It's time for me to shineOk.... Concentrate, concentrate. You can do it>Come on, come onAah... >But come back after lunch>I will>Hey Valentina!>Wanna play?>Let's play to twenty five!>Oh, sorry guys. I have to goIt's okayOk. See you?We will see youI'm here, mother. What's for lunch?Fish d'uet with spinach chips on crispy floopsOh yum>Wow>I c…

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  • Valentin girl

    Val's past

    October 30, 2014 by Valentin girl

    It was a long long time ago....

    There was a Goddess, named Aphrodite and at first she has her first new born child, he was named as Eros or Cupid, as the people know him best. After a long time, she had a second child, a daughter that she always wanted. She gave her the name: Valentina.

    As the time fly, Val was grown up - 5 years - and she could walk and talk. She was her mother's precious thing and held her in her home, when Cupid decided to leave his mother's home and build his own.  But little is known of Val's true father, because Aphrodite had many humans for her husbands and if one had an accident, she quickly picked another human. She is now, a Half Goddess.

    When Valentina was 7 years old, she wished to have someone with her, because e…

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  • Sibunafoeye

    Adventure Time!

    October 3, 2014 by Sibunafoeye

    Note: If any of you people notice any similarities between you or characters, just know that I intended NOT to do so. I have written the first few chapters a few years ago, so they probably won't be as good as my later chapters you guys may see. I don't mind any criticism as long as there is no cussing.

    Also, you don't really like people dying, and that that dead person is keep on being brought up over and over again, then I advise you that you probably ought to pick a different story to read. 

    Depending on how this chapter goes, I will either continue uploading more chapters, or I'll just leave this idea at the curb for the Truck of Broken and Miserable Dreams to pick up.

    Here is a link to where the introduction of this story is: [[1]]


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  • Sibunafoeye

    Note: The word she (the one that is slanted) refers to the woman who died. Also, if you like stories that have a lot of description of where it takes place and such, then don't read my story; because it lacks that...a lot. 

    Another note: Be honest if you like this intro, please. If you don't, then you can say it, I won't mind. 

    1370. That was when one of the darkest secrets of Malsafa was reveled. A secret that King Leo had guarded with his entire life. A secret that was so dark, so cruel, and so terrible, that at times, it made him wonder if he had even made the right decision. And when those feelings would come creeping in, he only had to remind himself how she died, and by what. Not only that, but King Leo had to deal with his daughter, wh…

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  • Fangirl111

    The Great Battle: Good.vs.Evil

    "FOOLS!! IDIOTS!! MORONS!! GET OUTTA MY WAY!!!" Ember yells as she pushes past Nightmares, Fearlings, Night Terrors and Demons, all of them obeying her orders, as would be expected of them, of course.

    Ember, being as bold and foolish as she always is, bursts through the door of His chambers.

    "YOU!!" She storms in angrily, her hair is still blue and on fire. Her eyes still an angry blood red.

    "Hello, daughter. I thought that mother of yours would have taught you to knock, but I suppose that was too much to expect." He replies bored.

    "Shut up!! This is all YOUR fault, you know!!"

    "You know I didn't mean for you to find out this way-"

    "Find out everybody hates me and wants to kill me? I DON'T CARE!!!" Her hair bursts into m…

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  • Nikki Van Davis

    "Sooo Jade.." Aurora asked "Why did you Invite us over?"  

    "Oh I felt like it." Jade answerd. "And uhh .. to Explain somestuff..."

    "Explain? Explain what?..." Nova Starlight asked with a look of confusion. Jade seemed a bit hesitant ,but swallowed and started. 

    "Well Aurora y-you noticed that something was on my mind lately..." Jade started. Aurora almost smiled but put a hand over her mouth to conceal. *Ahh finally Jade is telling us..* Aurora Thought.

    "Well Two things Actually.. The First one is Classified info.."   

    Auroras smile disapeard. *Oh D a r n..*

    "Second... Maring is Back..." Jade said with a hint of sadness in her voice. Nova looked at Aurora with wide eyes. 

    "Maring!? Back!?"  Nova asked Bewildered "H-How? I thought-" 

    "That she'd nev…

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  • Orion's Dagger
    Timothy was sitting on a hill in the relatively warm weather Northern California.  While staring upwards at the clouds, he watched as the clouds darkened, grew, and twisted one way and another.  Soon, the sky was covered with cumulonimbus, and lightning cut the sky.  Soon Timothy started to feel his hair stand on end, and he quickly moved out of the way as a bolt of lightning shot from the sky.  Thrown back by the strike's impact, Timothy was suddenly choked as a tall man in shades lifted Timothy up by the collar of his hoodie.
    "Timothy, what a pleasant surprise to be seeing you here.  How about we go on a...trip?"  Said the man as his leather jacket began to flap in the wind.  "Haven't you always wanted an inside look at a thunderstorm." …
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  • Nikki Van Davis
    Nova Starlight was the new guardian but not so new anymore she had been a guardian for 120 years and things still seem the same the world around her was always changing. All 120 years of it. Now in this new century she thought something would change for the good, for her. 

    Nova was flying to her palace when she saw the northern ligths in the sky she stopped abruptly to see it she sighed then flew toward the north pole."What's going on now!?" She asked herself not knowing that the meeting was for her.

    When she made it to the North pole and inside north's workshop she found everybody there Jack, Bunny, North, Tooth and Sandy. They were all talking then stopped when Nova walked into the room, she had her cat Sunny with her. Sunny meowed at her …

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