Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s)
Age 13
Occupation(s) Guardian of Jealousy
Morality Evil
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Relative(s) K (twin brother)

Ember (sister's in all but blood)

Affiliation(s) Pitch
Allies Pitch


Ember (frienemies)

Blake (frienemies/crush)

Don't care.

Minions Nightmares


Enemies Ember (frienemies)

Blake (frienemies/crush)


If your Ember's friend, I hate you. If your the Guardian's friend, I hate you. If your a good Guardian, I hate you. If you don't like Pitch and aren't on his side, I hate you. Chances are, I hate you.

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Anything, but of course, Ember just HAS to be better then me -_-
Weakness(es) NONE!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!......Okay, I like-like someone......
Equipment Sword



A stick (At least I don't announce it like Ember!!)

Background Information
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My past made into what I am today, and YOU weren't there in time to be the little "hero" you always are!

—Britney to Ember.


Ember and Britney look very identical, when they were younger, people used to mistake them for twins even. Britney has brown hair very similar to Ember's, but without the blue streak. However, unlike Ember, she has blue eyes. She mostly wears things like pink skirts, dresses and jeans, which is very unlike Ember. Even though they look almost the same, Britney still thinks that Ember is prettier then her, making her very angry at Ember.


Britney is very jealous and envious, especially of Ember. She thinks Ember steals everything from her. She's very angry and stubborn, but also very girly. She hates anyone who is a good Guardian or doesn't like Pitch or isn't on his side. She can be very mean and rude, especially to Mallory. However, she is nice to Blake, although he doesn't treat her the same way.


None of your business!

Weapons and PowersEdit

I can do basically anything, but Ember just HAS to be better then me!! She ALWAYS has to be better then me!! Just like when I joined Pitch, she just HAD to already be on Pitch's side before me!! But, like, whatever. Anyway, I have a sword, knives, daggers and a stick, but I didn't announce it like Ember did when she found her's, which just HAS to be better then mine!!


K: Well, he's my twin brother. -_- He's so stupid. But, like, whatever, I'm older anyway.

Ember: I hate her! She just HAS to be better then me!! She has to prettier, and smarter, and funnier, like, WHY does SHE always get everything?!!! I'm just as good as she is, I totally deserve to be better then her!!!

Blake: Oh my gawd....he is so perfect, I like him SO much *blush*....but like everything else, Ember just HAS to be with him! It's so unfair!!

Mallory: Omg, she is so annoying. I don't even-like, whatever. She's always asking questions and it is SO annoying and stupid!

Pitch: I'm on his side. Anyone who isn't is an enemy of mine.

Guardians: I hate them. If your not on Pitch's side then I hate you.


  • "Don't let the pink skirt fool you."
  • "Like, whatever."
  • "Why does Ember always HAVE to better then me?!!"


  • Although she doesn't like Ember, Ember and her still hangout together sometimes, and they still act and sometimes refer to each other as "sister's in all but blood", especially after being told that they still look like twins by Blake.
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