Catrina Muerte
Biographical Information
Full Name Catrina La Muerte
Other Name(s) Underworld Mistress
Age 809
Birthplace Memorial Ground
Home Memorial Ground
Occupation(s) Guardian of Reunion
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Immortal
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Affiliation(s) Guardian Alliance
Allies Guardian Alliance
Minions Wax soldiers
Enemies Max Black


Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Fire Ball

Wax Magic Candle Magic

Weakness(es) Forget
Equipment Candle
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Catrina Muerte is a Guardian of Rememberance. She is also the holiday spirit of Day of the Dead. She is in charge of protecting the children at Mexico Area. She is also an Autumn Spirit and a member of the Guardian Alliance. She is secretly in love with Jack.

Appearance Edit

Catrina appears to be a lady in around of her 30's. She always seem wearing red color gown with a big red hat. She wear thick make up and it look similar to an skeleton. She leaves a trail of autumn leafs when she walks.

Background Edit

Unknown to when, the missing affection of losing someone gather and gather, Catrina was born out of this affection. She helps people to remember their deceased family and friends. She gives them temporarily time to meet them again. As the centuries pass, Mexico celebrate The Day of the Dead by bringing gift to their deceased love ones to honor them and to Catrina.

Story Edit

Catrina is a recruit by Lady Chang, during the desperate times of battling with Pitch. She and Pitch lives go way back, they seem to be friends for quite a while until Pitch started to scare people during her holiday.

She is the first one that itroduce herself during Jack's training arc. She shows Jack around and Pitch came to interfere her festival. She protect the children by placing them in her candle barrier. She went to battle Pitch herself but in return she has been turn to wax herself. Jack eventually free her and save the day.

She brought a present during the meeting of the Guardian Alliance. Max has a mark on her as a second kill target in his plan. Jack went to the Memorial Island to save her but he did not make it in time. She was defeated by Max and his seven monsters.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a holiday spirit of Day of the Dead. She is an average Guardian. However, her cleverness has make out for her lack of strength.

Fire Manipulation - She is not a master of fire but she is shown to throw yellow greenish fire balls at Pitch.

Candle Magic - She is shown to know how to conduct candle spell by placing candles in circle. It forms a barrier to protect the children. It is also shown that she uses it to conjure spirits into the candle. When the candle light finishes burning, it means that the time of reunion finishes as well.

Wax Magic - She is shown to combine her wax magic and candle magic as one. She conjure spirits into the candle flame and cast it into a wax and gave the spirit a temporarily body. She seems to summon mindless Wax Golem to her aid.

La Muerte book of life

Relationships Edit

Guardian Alliance Edit

They trust her very much. She is a loyal member.

Jack Frost Edit

She is in love with Jack when they first meet. Jack comments that she a bit too old for him.

Samhain Edit

She and Samhain are old friends. They are both autumn spirits. They share festival experience, although Samhain is not a Guardian.

Pitch Edit

They used to be friend until Pitch was scaring the children on her day.

Quotes Edit

  • Bid your farewell now.
  • Remember them.
  • Face your past.

Creation Concept Edit

Guardian Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer,. Please do give me comment.

Trivia Edit

The Picture come from [1]

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