Chaos Cycle is a mysterious shadowy organization whose goals is to cause chaos and darkness upon the world and its inhabitants. They are made of pyscho, maniac, monster, darkness and pure evil. Their main objective is to cause chaos throughout the universe no matter what it takes.

History Edit

Chaos Cycle exist throughout the centurys. They have be operating and interfering in mortal affair secretly. Light and Goodness beat darkness eveytime. The darkness decided to collect losing pieces bit by bit and lure in shadows waiting for the right time to strike. Their existence is hidden so well that only few members are known by the universe Office.

List of Members Edit

Chaos Cycle is ruled by the 11 Elders. Each Elder has hold their elite identiy in the darkness. Each of them is capable to bring major chaos in the world

Seat No 1 -1st Fallen, Lucinda 

Seat No 2 - Sealed Prophet, Romano 

Seat No 3 - Frozen Empress, Elizabeth White 

Seat No 4 - Eternal Appetit, Famine

Seat No 5 - True Demon, Max Black

Seat No 6 - Drea - Parallel One

Seat No 7 - Cyber King, Mr Right

Seat No 8 -  Perfect Existence, Yomi

Seat No 9 - ?????????????

Seat No 10 - Mask Merchart, Happy 

Seat No 11 - Jail Breaker - Pandora

Associated Villain Edit

Morgana Le Fey - Strongest Witch ever exist

Slenderman - Ramano `s Personal Guard

Evil One of Pandora Twin, Ink - 11th Elder `s Child

Antichrist, Me - A Powerful asset to the Chaos cycle. - Lucinda `s substitue body

Zorath - Double of the Universe Detective.

Pitch - Nightmare King

Peter Pan - Guardian lose to Parallel One

Four great witches - Grand Coven has join their wing under chaos cycle

Monster Squad - Leading by Phantom and join under Chaos Cycle

Ministry of Dragon - leading by the dragon lord join under chaos cycle

Seven Monster - Organization Under Max Black

Horseman - Organization Under Famine

La Llorona - Poor Spirit control by unknown Elder

James - Puppet control by the Chaos Cycle from his childhood

Addam Family - A family has great influence on the Chaos Cycle Decision.

Dark Sister - Snow Queen`s Afternoon Tea Friend

Chaos Calendar  Edit

Destruction of the guardian alliance

Reverse of Belief

Pandora Box Reopen

The Grand Death

The Falling Light

2nd Ice Ages

Fall of Universe


Great Trap of Media

Red Moon

(Still to cont.)

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