Biographical Information
Full Name Chione
Alias The Caretaker of Universe Freezer
Other Name(s)
Age Unknonw
Birthplace Universe
Home Universe Freezer
Occupation(s) Caretaker
Morality Neutral
Gender Female
Race Goddess
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Affiliation(s) Universe Office
Allies Rea
Enemies Queen Elizabeth
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Celsius Control

Aurora Control

Weakness(es) Heat
Equipment Staff

Aurrora Neklace

Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Chione is a high entity. She is one of few universe caretaker that still exists. She works for Universe Office. She is in charge of Universe Refrigerator.


Chione appears as a small young girl. She wears fur coat around her. She seems wearing a large giant crystal necklace. She is holding a staff higher than herself. She has black hair and black eyes.


Chione is a random spirit handpick by Rea to put in charge of the Universe Refrigerator. She works for the Universe Office for centuries.


Universe Refrigerator is actually the north and south pole. Universe one likes ice cream. The north and south pole are the places he freezes his ice cream. The place also preserves a lot of ancient food. Universe one sometimes comes to take food to eat. It basically acts as a refrigerator for him. Chione`s job is to making sure the north pole and south pole is frozen all the time. She also light the entire north pole and south pole when Refrigerator is open for food searching with her necklace.

She meet Jack some point of the timeline. They are good friends. Jack help her to freeze the place and she created an aurora. She meet Queen Elizabeth centuries before. Elizabeth steal an ice cream from Universe Refrigerator. Upon eating the ice cream, she boost her current power of ice to a level which help her join the chaos cycle. Chione was severely punish for her fail guarding the place.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a caretaker, she is very strong and powerful and able to guard the place for centuries with only one failure.

Celsius Manipulation -  Her power of ice is far more powerful beyond Jack's and on par with Elizabeth's. She can turn any heat off in a second. Below Zero is her most powerful magic. It turns any intruder into ice which is so cold, it burn to nothingness.

Aurora Control - With her nekclace, she is able to control the aurora. Her aurora is different from North one. When both northern and southern light combine, it open the way to the freezer.


Universe OfficeEdit

As all the caretakers in the Office, she get along with them just fine.


They are close friends.

Elizabeth Edit

The only one person who got pass her and steal the power of ice.

Rea Edit

Rea is her current boss. She is very strict on her as she made a mistake before.


  • Freeze!!!!
  • Maintain your coolness.
  • Preserve everybody in ice.

Creation ConceptEdit

Neutral character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


The photo come from [1]

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