Biographical Information
Full Name Chris Walter
Alias Vampire Assistant
Other Name(s) Guardian of Dedication

Weaver of Coffin

Age  ????
Birthplace London
Home Coffin House
Occupation(s) Assistant
Morality Neutral Good
Gender Male
Race Vampire
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Relative(s) Dracula
Affiliation(s) Black Shepherd
Enemies Hunter

UNSC Chaos cycle

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Super human ability
Equipment Fibre Wire glove
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Chris is a human who turned into a vampire. He is the famous vampire's assistant. He once serve a powerful vampire during the dark ages. He is a free lancer after his master went missing. His nickname is "Weaver of Coffin".

Guardian of Dedication. Member of the Black Shepherd.

Apperance Edit

Chris appears to be a teenager boy with dark hair and blue eyes. He wears a dark blue vest and dress similar to a butler. His hair grows longer when he goes into a vampire form which he dislikes this look for himself.


Chris was once a student living in a peaceful city. At one fateful night, he got caught up in a fight between a great vampire and a executor. A pike among the debris pierced through him. The vampire felt sorry for him and gifts his blood to him. With this, he become a vampire too. Unable to go back to his ordinary life, he become the vampire's assistant. He learns how to become a vampire, fight, and knowledge of the real world.


After centuries, the master who Chris served suddenly went missing. Chris waited and protect his master's castle for at least 500 years. Until then, he decided its time for him to begin a new journey. During his time as an assistant, he come across vampire food farm. At the farm, there were orphans raised from babies and educated and grow up until 12 years old. Then the children will get send to their adopted parents. But truth is, the children become the food for vampires after they are mature. The brain get fully develop at the ages of 12. The vampire is farming batch of human children after children and keeping them in the false hope. Beside the farm, these vampires also open a vampire playground. Children are put into the playground that look like a city. When the bell struck, the vampires would come to hunt the children and making them flee in fear. It is a stimulation of a hunting ground for vampires.

Chris decided to save the children in the farm. Then Rus Pink approach Chris and recruit him into the Black Shepherd. Contracting that the savior of the children of vampire farm is also a vampire.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a turned vampire, he is not as strong as a true vampire. However, his dedication of hardwork still earns him the respect among the supernatural.

Fibre Wire - Chris is an expert on wire blades, He can control the wires to the extend as it is part of its body. It can turn into a Sshield, lay trap, slice through objects, bind down the enemy, etc. He can even weave a animal with his wire. He also use the wire as transport and stepping ground.
Vampire Power - Chris usually suppress his vampire powers as he take pride in his human identity. When he has bloodlust, his hair grow longer. He is unable to fully turn into a vampire as he is not a true vampire. He is unable to turn anyone else into a vampire like his master did to him, as he doesn't has the juice to do it. However, his blood still can heal wounds and temporarily use a spell.

Scouting Bat - Chris can create wings with his fibre wire and give life temporarily with blood spell using his vampire blood. It can attack or help to scout the surrounding.



Black ShepherdEdit

He goues well into the group. A dark group of creatures protecting the children in their own way.


Hunter hunted him down for ages. He suspects the disappearance of his master is due to the hunter.

Chaos CycleEdit

The vampire farm happen to be affiliated with Chaos Cycle.

Dracula Edit

Former master of Chris.

Sebastian Edit

He is the one who told Sebastian about the gun of Seras and tell him the chip of the werewolf.


  • I don't like blood.
  • If my hair grow longer, please get away from me as far as possible.

Creation ConceptEdit

Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.</p>


The photo come from Walter C Dornez</p>

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