Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s) The Great Dreamer
Age Ancient
Birthplace Outer Space
Home R'lyeh
Morality Evil
Gender Male
Race Cthulhi
Eye Color Green
Hair Color
Relative(s) Azathoth (great-great-grandfather)

Yog-Sothoth (grandfather)
Nug (parent)
Hastur (half-brother)
Ghatanothoa (offspring)
Ythogtha (offspring)
Zoth-Ommog (offspring)
Cthylla (offspring)
T'ith (offspring)
Kthanid (brother)
Cthaeghya (half-sister)
Hnarqu (brother)
Kassogtha (sister)
Nctosa (offspring)
Nctolhu (offspring)

Allies The Old Ones
Enemies Guardians
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Everything
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

In His House At R'lyeh, Dead Cthulhu Waits Dreaming.

—Wilbur Whateley

About him Edit

Cthulhu is a Great Old One of great power that lies in a death-like slumber beneath the Pacific Ocean in his sunken city of R'lyeh. He remains a dominant presence in the eldrich dealings on our world.

Background Edit

In a long period of time, he was roaming the never ending space, trying to find a good planet where he would stay. He wanted hot, but not too hot, he wanted to be cold, but not very cold; just right. Many of the other planets didn't had what he wanted, until he stumbles upon Earth.

He then came down, going through the shield and landed in the Pacific Ocean, when the time on it was, when the dinosaurs were extinct. Soon he dozed off and slumbered through time.

It was the first millenia, when the people starting to create ship and the first few went on a journey. They went on the Pacific Ocean, not knowing what was below. The people on the crew started to have dreams and everyone fell asleep. The ship was wrecked and no signs of life or any trace was found. Several other people went there to investigate, but never came back.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Sleeping sequence - As he is still sleeping through this day forward, his power of sleep radiates through out the whole Ocean, making the ones that go through it sleepy.

Dreaming sequence - He can also make people dream. But not any kinds of dream, but dreams of aliens.

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

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