Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s) The Secret Daughter
Age Ancient
Birthplace Under Water
Home R'lyeh
Morality Evil
Gender Female
Race Cthulhi
Eye Color Black
Hair Color
Relative(s) Yog-Sothoth (great-grandparent)

Shub-Niggurath (great-grandparent)
Nug (grandparent)
Idh-yaa (mother)
Ghatanothoa (sibling)
Ythogtha (sibling)
Zog-Ommog (sibling)

Allies The Old Ones
Enemies Guardians
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Everything
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

About him Edit

She is the daughter of Cthulhu. She is guarded by Deep Ones and Yuggya, in what can be assumed to be R'lyeh, as she was at first from the star Xoth, but came to Earth.

She is also called “The Secret One” because the cult tries to hide all information about the goddess, most famously by defacing the Columns of Geph. Her legend is dimly recorded in Greek Myth as “Scylla”.

Background Edit

Scylla is a beautiful woman, with lovely shining black long hair that covers up her lovely breasts. She has an angel-like face, with astonishing silver eyes. Her slim and almost naked body trembles every one, men and women at the sight. When she is in the water, she has a mermaid tail, but when coming out, she has two gorgeous slim legs and could easily walk on land. A thin robe is just covering her lower body.

She is seen by everyone that she is a regular mermaid-human. But in reality, she is a very gruesome, half octopus-like creature. The head has six eyes on each side, a beard with tentacles stretching down, a strong grey body that just frightens everyone. She also has added wings.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Charm — With her human charm, she can bend any one to her will and making them step into the murky waters with her.

Necklace reflection — She wears a crystal necklace on her neck, but it is hard to see as it is in the same colors as her skin. With that, she can fool humans into seeing her as a perfect mermaid human.

Strength — She has superhuman strength.

Hunger — As she is a monster, she prefers to eat human flesh and blood, leaving only the bones and skull.

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Cthylla in the Greek language means The Kraken.
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