Biographical Information
Full Name Dante Inferno
Alias Warden of Hell
Other Name(s) Caretaker of Universe Prison
Age Physically 25
Birthplace Jerusalem
Home Universe Prison
Occupation(s) Caretaker
Morality Neutral
Gender Male
Race Immortal
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Red
Allies Chione


Minions Prison Guard
Enemies Prisoners


Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Torture

Crusade Hell Element

Equipment Whip
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Dante is the immortal, he is the legendary mortal who has break into the layers of hell and rescued his love. He is now a caretaker of the Universe Prison. His direct superior is Rea.


Dante is a handsome man with a tattoo on his arm. He is muscular and always shirtless. He has a good body. His smile is so shining that all of the prisoners in Universe Prison call him the Prince of Redemption. He has one of his arm cut off, during his first visit in hell. A monster took his hand and he replaced it with a mechanic arm.


Dante was a crusader and fought in a holy war when he was mortal. His love has been kidnaped and locked in hell. He decided to break into hell and rescue his wife. After he became the only mortal to complete this impossible task, Rea visit him and offer him a job.


He is currently a Caretaker working for the Universe Office. He is in charge of guarding the Universe Prison. Universe Prison is actually a special place for ones who commit severe crimes. The Universe Prison is part of the hell.

There are nine layers of the Prison. First layer is the plain field. The prisoner is wandering endlessly at the vast field. The second layer is the blood sea. It is the place for lustful people. The sea is boiling and consist of unresting waves. The sinner is thrown into the sea and drown in it forever.

The third layer is the Sin Forest. The prisoner is turn into a tree and the guard will cut them down everyday. It is for the sinner who has harm others in life. The fourth layer is the Pit of Desire. The pit is full of blades and thorns. The prisoner is seduced by greed and tries to crawl out of the place and fail again and again.

The fifth layer is the Dinning Ground. The foul creature is roaring around the place and the sinner is hiding in the shadows. Game of preys and predators is forever played at this layer. The sixth layer is the flame circle. The sinner is wandering endlessly in the circle with fire under their legs. They carry a huge statue on them.

The seventh layer is called Gallery of the 'Darn'. The sinner is hanged with a hook from the sky. They are torn into pieces and sew together with other sinners body parts. The eight layer is the Fear Realm. The sinner here is equip with a fear machine helmet. They are experiencing worst fear and worst shame every minute.

The last layer is the Icy Prison. This prison is only for selected prisoners. Either some dangerous people or someone who has a high authority. The prisoner is frozen in coffin and display beautifully. At the deepest path, there is Dante's throne.

Powers and Abilities

As a Caretaker of the Universe Prisoner, he is powerful in his region.

Hell Element -  He is shown to use hell elements in combat. Ex Hell Flame, Blood, Black Wind, Black Rock.

Torture - He is an expert in torture. His hobby is handpicking a prisoner and bringing him into his personal room for torture.

Cao Cao - Cao Cao is Dante's pet. He is more like a guard pet. It can smell when a prisoner escapes in the whole Universe Prison.

Crusader Technique - As a former crusader, he is an expert in sword and hand to hand combat.


Universe Office

As a member, he is extremely loyal.


Rea is angry at his failure for letting a dangerous prisoner escape.


  • Newcomer?
  • Call me Warden.
  • Welcome to the eternal prison.

Creation Concept

Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment. Picture in coming


The photo come from [1]

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