Dark Lair is the home of Orick the Slayer and Daeva.
  • Main parts of the lair
  • Orick's throne
  • Orick and Daeva's room
  • Nazreen's room
  • Living room
  • Lavernia and Bellatrix's bedroom
  • Jasper's bedroom


After being defeated by Symphony and her parents, Orick eventually returned to Earth and went down underground close to the core of the Earth. In a different part of the cave, there lived a witch named Daeva, her daughter, Bellatrix, her niece, Lavernia, and her servant, Nazreen. The star fairy turned monster and the witch made a agreement of sharing the cave, on the condition that they help each others' goals. Eventually, Orick's nephew, Jasper joined with them in the Lair, but Nazreen chooses to leave to return to Pitch after news were made that Orick and Daeva are getting married.


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