Biographical Information
Full Name Dhormas Madison
Other Name(s) Thomas Edsion
Age 890 (Physically 20)
Birthplace America
Home Neo Arcadia
Occupation(s) Guardian of Creative
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Immortal

Half Cyborg

Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Pink
Affiliation(s) Guardian Alliance
Allies Guardian Alliance
Minions Robot Sprit
Enemies Pitch

Max Black

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Creation

Memory Alter

Weakness(es) Earth Air
Equipment Gun powder
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Madison is a Guardian of Creative. She is half cyborg, her role is to bring children daydreams. Member of the Guardian Alliance. She is a genius from an old age. Creator of the artificial light. She lives in Neo Arcadia, a floating mechanic fortress in space.


Madison is a girl appearing in her middle 20's. She is always in a trance and her robot voice will help her to speak. She appears to be much older than she looks. She has design some parts of her body into a machine. She always appears to be in a space suit. She is sometimes seem sitting on a flying mechanic throne.


Madison is a genius even at her young age. She likes to day dream, this brings her Title "The Creator of Light Bulb". She became a popular icon after her success. She gain so much belief from her follower. The belief and genius turn her into a immortal. After that, she alter the world memory to remember her as a him and rename her into Thomas Edison.


Madison join the Guardian Alliance at some point of the timeline. She use her tiny flying robot to assist her in her daily job. Sandy is all about dreams. She is all about day dreaming. Her robot will fly around and flash the hypnotize light to the children and send them into the day dream zone.

In 1976, she has send a girl name Alice into a daydream called Wonderland. She meet Alice again and send her into a day dream zone call looking Glassland.

In 1984, she helped a child to day dream into a place called chocolate factory.

In 1990, she put a child into a zone call Narnia.

She meet Jack in his training and sent him into a daydream zone. Her lesson to Jack is that every Guardian should have a home base to do their job. Pitch tried to interfere her job by corrupt her robot, but her robot install on itself a destruct program upon corruption.

She was somehow absent during the meeting of the Guardian Alliance. Max Black try to invade her home but he couldn't find a way to penetrate her fortress defense.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As leading genius of the Mechanic World, she is a very powerful entity. She lives so long and her knowledge has exceed normal human limit.

Creation As a creator of light bulb, she protect the children from darkness where sunlight and moon light cannot reach. Beside that, she also created phonograph to record every knowledge she learned.

Memory Alter - This ability come from one of his robot sprit. The robot sprit flash the light and send the child into daydreaming. If used on full scale, it turns into a memory alter ability.


Gunpowder - She has alter to change her arm into a fire gun. She is shown to be able to shoot out of her arm.

Absolute Code - She holds the authority to her mechanic fortress, Neo Arcadia. Upon command, she is able to release a laser to demolish a country, it was only briefly mentioned but never been used.



Guardian AllianceEdit

She gets along with all the members very well.


She and MIM are close friends. MIM always invited her to the Moon to have a tea.



Pitch tried to hijack her robot but unable to do so. Control dream and daydream can make him strong.


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Creation ConceptEdit

Guardian Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.



madison and her sprite

The photo come from [1]

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