Dora is the legendary Sinner. She is the mother of Ink and Jasper. One of the Rebellion Nine. She is the real 11th Elder of the Chaos Cycle.

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Dora appear to be a woman with an orange hair that cover part of right face. She wear a red dress that has a split end that show off her leg. She appear to be around age 30.



Once upon a time, there was a woman made by god out of clay and give a mysterious box for safe keeping. One day, out of curiousity, she open the box and every evil and bad thing fly up from the box. This has angered the god and punish dora to walk the earth and see all the suffering she cause eternally. Her name is called Pandora. At some point of the timeline, she has two children. They are Jasper and Ink. Dora give the box to Ink and the Key to Jasper and ask them never to open it. However, Jasper wish to control all the darkness. He then chase after Ink for the box where ink run forever.


After passing on the Pandora Box to Jasper and Ink. She found out that Zeus actually trick her into open the box. She set out on her new journey. She plan to revenge to the god who trick her into releasing the evil into the world. She travel around the ancient greece.

First, pandora visit cassandra and believe her prohency. Cassandra then give her the location she wanted. Second, she free prometheus the fire thief from the rock. She kill the Eagle which eat his liver everyday. then she break Ixion free from the burning wheel. Ixion no longer need to repear the word "Repay your benefactor. Third, she went and recruit Erysichthon with the promise she could fed him and he never had to go hungry again.

After then, he went to underworld and meet tantalus. He give him water and fruit. Dora then go back to one of the forest and resurrect a Deer which she then turn him back to a hunter call Actaeon. Pandora would then pull orion down from the Constellation sky. She later turn Skinned Maryas back from a stream and also Minthe back from a mint plant. She then recruit the Libyan Queen, Lamia who still roam the fallen empire. Pandora and the group would then rescue Sisyphus from the punishment of rolling boulder.

After then, she found Io and propoitides and free them from the everlasting torment. She then free all the Danaus Daughter from the Filling the Basin Task. Then, she went and free Pirithous from the snake chair. Then Pandora went and meet Atlas and free him from holding the sky. She then march down to Tartarus and free the Titan and recover the pieces of Chorno. She then sew the pieces into a red dress call Dress of Chrono. Tityos and Salmoneus also break free from tartarus with the help of Pandora.

Soon, She has united everyone have been wrong by twelve olympian. She is ready to wage war and bring down mount Olympus. Chaos cycle then meet her and tell her to hold on to the attack and wait for the right moment. She then gain a seat of Elder in the chaos cycle.

After releasing all the prisoner of Greece, she now proceeding to release other creature imprison by god and good forces.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Pandora is not particular strong but her charisma and will has brought everyone prison by the god together. With the army, she is very strong. However she still hold some trick up her sleeve.

inhuman Strength - Pandora is one of the first human who create by god out of clay. She is power than normal human a lot.

Every Evil in the world - She can control the evil aspect to an Extend. With the help of Pandora Box, she can control the Evil in an larger scale. However the box is with ink at the moment.

Chrono Dress - Unable revive chrono, she change the remain into a dress and wear it. With the dress, she can devour any magic.

Purple Hand - Dora `s hand become purple color due to a curse on her when opening the pandora box. However, she gain the ability of breaking curse and break seal. This is how she can easily free most of the prisoner out.


Chaos Cycle Edit

She is the weakest among the elder and she currently went missing.

Universe Office

Reality is concern about her as two rebellion one working together is a very dangerous thing.

Black Annis

She release black annis from Gnome imprisonment


She is the one who raise Llarona from her sleep.


  • You trick me into releasing the evil into this world. and make me a sinner and now i will release all the sinner you imprison.

Creation ConceptEdit

Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


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