DukeXVevina (Duvina) is the couple with the characters, Duke and Vevina.

  • Duke and Vevina together
  • Vevina as Alice and Duke as the Mad Hatter


Duke found a mirror that revealed the face of the young girl who was to be its owner and was determined to find her. One day, he got frozen in a patch of ice and was unexpectedly freed by Joe and Maria Neville. The mirror responded to the couple when they mentioned their daughter and about them getting something for her birthday, so Duke gave them the mirror for their daughter.

After traveling, he found the town where his sister, Tia and the couple that he met earlier lived. While secretly watching his sister, he saw the couple's daughter, Vevina and discovered that it was her face that he saw in the mirror. He developed an interest in Vevina and wanted to meet her in person. Duke got employed as an entertainer at the restaurant where Vevina's brother worked as a chef. Vevina met Duke while visiting her brother during his lunch break and he was entertaining a table of customers. At first, Duke tried to impress her by showing off his magic tricks, but Vevina thought he was full of himself.

After meeting the Guardians and seeing Duke using his magic for good and being considerate, Vevina began to open up and have feelings for him. Duke, however has a rival for Vevina in the form of The Magical Trickster, Eric. Eric wants Vevina for his own reasons and believes that Vevina doesn't deserve Duke and tries to convince her that he is the better suitor, but she refuses. Duke is determined to protect Vevina from Eric and his illusions, while she will make sure to protect Duke and help him maintain his path to finding his true self. After Mercy revive Eric's late wife, Marriane, Eric has stopped pursuing Vevina.

Duke cares deeply for Vevina and will make sure no one tries to take her away from him or hurt her. Vevina feels that same as he does, but still gets annoyed by his own attempts of entertaining himself. With Vevina's truth-telling powers, they can be honest with each other and keep secrets, unless it is their birthdays and holidays, so they can still be surprised.

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