You cannot destroy the illusions. They will destroy you.

—Eric the Trickster

Biographical Information
Full Name Eric Bolt
Other Name(s) The Magical Trickster
Age 29
Home Magic house
Occupation(s) Guardian of Illusion
Morality Evil
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Light Brown
Allies Dark sister
Enemies The Guardians
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Dark magic
Equipment Bronze clock
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Eric is role-played by Valentin girl.

About himEdit

Eric is the Guardian of Illusions. His hair is light brown, has green eyes, a muscular figure, is 29-years-old and is tall. He wears something between a gentleman and a magician. He has a white under shirt with a black jacket and a bow. His pants are black, when his boots are dark brown. He is wearing gloves and around his neck is a bronze clock, that he can hypnotize the people. And also is a great Illusionist, he has his fancy hat as well as his stick. 
Eric's hat and stick

Erick's hat and stick

When he was a little boy, he loved magic. He always went to a show, that was of magic. Impressed and happy about it, his parents gave him a set of magic stuff for his birthday. Day after day, he work out with his magic tricks, day after day he wanted to know more and more about it. One sunny day, a bully came to him and grabs his magic wand. Eric wanted it back, but because of his short legs, he couldn't reached it. The bully was having fun with him and in the end, he broke the wand. While Eric was crying for his wand, the bully was laughing while he was going home. The little boy slowly stood up and went to the bully's house, for his revenge. In the night, when everyone was sleeping, little Eric slowly and quietly goes to his room. Unknowing, that the little boy was inside, Eric came to the bully's bed and wanted to kill him. Something deep inside the boy, was telling him not to do this, so Eric left the bully and wanted to go back, when he tripped and found something... he found a bronze clock. When the night became day, Eric was again outside, looking at the clock he found in the room. He stared at it, looking at how is it build and if it's rusting. Then the bully came to him and grabbed his clock. Eric begged to the bully to give him his clock back, but he didn't. The bully looks at the clock and unknowing, he pressed a button on top of it. He was slowly hypnotizing and when Eric said, again, to give the clock back, the big bully gave him back. Standing there, not knowing what was wrong with him, Eric grabbed his clock and looks again at the bully. Slowly after what happened, Eric was manipulating the bully, with: bring me some soda, kick yourself and other ideas he had. The boy was starting to learn and had control of the clock and when he was growing up, his powers and tricks were becoming stronger.

When Eric was 20, he had his own show biz and was named The Magical Trickster. He hypnotized the people and was doing all the things he wanted to them. He was still a magician and his spells were effective and done some damage to the people. He wanted more from the tricks, learn the dangerous tricks and he actually went to a darker magic. There he found a old man, that was a old magician, like himself and asked him about this dark magic. The elder told him something, something where he can be the greatest magician ever. So he went to a place named Quanzila and was asking some people there, for some inspiration. They lead him to a dark castle, where a wizard lived there. He went to the castle, but saw nothing, no wizard, none. But when he wanted to leave, a spirit came to him and corrupted Eric and his clock. He didn't know from where was that, but he loved his new power.

His new powers were stronger, faster, and more darker. He could do some illusions from the people's past, and make it look horrible and frightening.  

He lives in his Magic house with his wife. 

His wife: Marriane Edit

When his wife - that had a car crash - died in the night, Eric was heart broken. He wanted to get her back from the undead, but didn't knew how. So in a few years - battling with the Guardians, alongside Pitch and a new helper, named Rune - a offer came to him. The devious Daeva and her daughter Bellatrix, reminded Eric of his lost wife. They told him, that they can help him, if they all three will help Orick and them, with capturing the Guardians. As he was told, that one of the Guardians can make wishes come true, Eric wanted to have his wish. But after fooling Eric, another person came to them - Mercy, the second daughter of Daeva. She asked Eric at first, if he wants to have her wife back, then he has to give her something that she left. As Eric remembered what the two 'witches' said, he didn't want to trust Mercy at all, but she made him believe that she isn't like the two - hearing Eric his wife's voice talking. When he heard Marriane's voice, he gave Mercy a tissue, that his wife always had with. In some seconds later - after Mercy was making the spell - Marriane showed up, with the tissue in her hands. Eric couldn't believe his eyes, when he saw his wife alive again. The two cuddle and kiss each other, while Bellatrix reminded her mother about Marriane, so that Daeva told all of them, what she did - she was jealous about Marriane's beauty and when she was in her car, driving, Daeva made a spell on the driver and hit Marriane. In the end, Marriane and Eric were together at last.


Dark sisterEdit

Dark sister was the first person that liked Eric's powers and join forces with her. 


As Eric loves kids, he likes what the Guardians are doing. But sometimes he play some tricks on them, making them hypnotized or have an illusion on them.

Valentina LoveEdit

He likes to hypnotize her, because she is very easy to trick.



Is the first Guardian, that ever escaped his illusions. But Eric says, that someday, Phoenix won't be able to leave his illusions.


Symphony is one of Eric's nemeses. He hates her as much as her friends. 


Marriane was Eric's wife. She was in age of 25, while Eric was 26 years old. She was very beautiful, blonde haired, blue eyes, had a great styling and as Eric was watching her, he said, she was like a angel, that fell from the sky. But in the past two years, Marriane had a accident - car accident. The hospital people took her and operate her, but sadly, she died in the night, because of huge damage. She was brought back to life with the help of Mercy.


In some sort of a way, Eric wants Vevina, because she is a bit similar to his wife, Marriane. But on the other hand, he wants to get rid of her once and for all, because she has some magical experience of her own through her mirror.


The magical hatEdit

Eric has a fancy hat every time, when he's on show biz or just walking on the street. With his dark powers he can pull out from his hat any animal or object, that he imagines. He can even trap a person in his hat.

Bronze clockEdit

His bronze clock is the biggest magic of all. With it, he can hypnotize people and give them illusions. When he presses his button- on the clock- it begins to start some swirl circles around the person and he can have him as long as he likes to.

Magic tricksEdit


Eric uses his magical cards to play with them, when he is in danger. He can threw them towards the person, that he sees and they can be: explosive, sharp or on fire.


The lion can come from Eric's magical hat. Eric just has to lower the hat down and from it will come the lion. He uses his lion on auditions too, that is his biggest hit.


  • (To Val, when he wants to hypnotize her) Look at this clock. Look at it. You're becoming sleepy. Your eyes are turning you down. And when you wake up, you will do as I say.
  • (To Phoenix) You can't defeat the illusions. They will defeat you.
    • Eric in his normal (human) outfit.
    • Eric hypnotizing Val
  • Abracadabra!
  • (To Vevina, when he had her in his grip) Your so called friend, will not have you. 
  • (To Duke, when he had Vevina in his hypnosis) You like this girl, right? (Gently rubs Vevina's right cheek with his fingers) Oh such... beauty.
  • (To Phoenix, when Eric was defeated) One day, you won't leave my illusions, you will stay in it, forever!
  • (Eric holding his picture of Marriane) I miss you my dear... but I will find you.
  • (Eric, when he was in Anzan's opera house) What a big building you got here. I could use it for my magic tricks. But... it has to be blown away. Too bad.
  • (When he had Val locked in a castle) Your friends won't help you, nor find you. 
  • (As Symphony and her friends stop Eric, before the Opera house was blown) You brats! You will pay for what you have done!

Trivia Edit

  • His birthday is on June 19th.
  • His signature color is dark blue.
  • His signature shape is in a shape of a magical wand.
  • He never said about his true powers to his wife.
  • When he first made his magic show - when he was a child - he was 7 years old.
  • His magical hat, was at first his father's hat, that was later given to Eric.
  • The Lion is also Eric's pet and the attraction of the public.
  • After he and his beloved Marriane came together, Eric isn't with Pitch anymore, but still battles the Guardians.


  • Human clothes (second photo)
  • Sleeping clothes
  • Home clothes
  • Evening clothes
  • Winter clothes
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