EricXMarriane (Marric) is a couple between two charcters: Eric and Marriane.

Eric and Marriane

Meet Edit

The two meet at one of Eric's performances. Marriane was enchanted at Eric's magic tricks and liked what he was doing. As Eric needed an assistant, for his new magic trick, he had chosen one person from the audiance - Marriane. After the preformance was over, Marriane slipped quickly to Eric as she thank him for the magic tricks and that she was his assistant, and that maybe they two would go on a cup of coffee together. Eric thank her for that and said, that he would love to go. When they were in a coffee bar, they talked alot about their career, life, love and the future. They both feel some kind of a connection and in some days, they were going on dates together. After 3 years, Eric and Marriane got married.

Eric's POV Edit

Eric was a magician that liked the dark power of magic. After finding his soul-mate (Marriane), he felt something deep in his heart. He wasn't alone anymore as he used to be. But after the tragedy happened, he swore to himself, that he will, somehow, have his beloved person again.

Marriane's POV Edit

  • Eric and Marriane

Marriane was in her career a singer. She loved her work, as she loved magic. She thought, that songs are like magic tricks. One note at the time and in the end, it is amazing. After she got married to Eric, she had a car accident with a drunk driver. She died the next day in the hospital.

But both of them had a wish, to see each other again. And that wish did came true, by Mercy. She helped Eric get his wife back from the dead, using something of what belonged to her. As then, Marriane came back to life and in Eric's arms. The two of them live happy and good, and hope that it will stay that way.

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