Fa Hai
Biographical Information
Full Name Fa Hai
Alias Living Buddha
Other Name(s)
Age 200
Birthplace Osaka
Home Gold Temple
Occupation(s) Monk (Currently)

Onmyouji (Former)

Morality Neutral
Gender Male
Race Immortal
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Bald
Relative(s) \
Affiliation(s) Legend Hunter
Allies James
Enemies Supernatural beings
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Onmyodo

Magecraft Barrier Enlightment

Weakness(es) Mortal limit
Equipment Cane of Sage
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Fa Hai is a Chinese Monk. He lives in china temple. He gives advise to mortals who have trouble on the supernaturals. He is an ex Onmyouji that battle Yokai and Oni in Japan. He is also the ex principal of the Onmyouji academy.


Fa Hai is an old man in his 200 years. He is bald and has wrinkles all over his face. He has long white eyebrows and thin as a bone. He is always seen wearing a white robe. He carries a cane to help him walk. He has very extreme opinion on supernatural beings.


Fa Hai is a train professional as an Onmyouji. When he was young, he killed a lot of monsters, demons, Oni and Yokai. He has seen a lot of evil deeds and determine to wipe them all out. Fa Hai become the head of Onmyouji school at 54 and lose the school to Nurarihyon for revenge at 60. Ever since, he quit as an Onmyouji and move to China and become a monk. He now stays there as an advisor to people who have trouble with supernatural stuff. He still fights supernatural beings time to time. Rumor has it he has live for 200 years.

Story Edit

Fa Hai travels around the world to search for himself after he lose the battle to Nurarihyon. During his journey, he meet James. James is still a child and having trouble with all the supernatural beings. He tought James of what he knows. They keep in contact even since.

Fa Hai meet a dragon mask monster in Beijing. The monster eat the entire monk in the temple. Fa Hai tried to fight it off but almost died trying. It is later reveal the monster is Famine.

During his time in Thailand, he meet Kuman Tong. Due to his extreme opinion on supernatural beings, he thinks Kuman Tong is a ghost that should be put to rest.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a professional Onmyouji and monk, he has vast knowledge of supernatural being. The fact that he became a principal of Onmyouji academy, it proves that he is very powerful.

Onmyodo- As an Onmyouji, his Onmyodo grant him the ability of full control of the five elements. He is shown to alter the earth to lock down an werewolfs.

Double Casting - As teacher of James, he is able to dual cast too but he never shows it.

Equipment- He own a cane of sage. The cane is made out of heavenly wood. It helps him to walk mostly but the true function of the cane is to summon a very powerful Shikigami to his command. The Shikigami tooks form of a golden budda.

Enlightment - He has reach a nirvana stage where people call him the living budda. He will still die out of injuries but not aging. Due to his nirvana stage, he is consider a immortal.

Barrier Master - He is able a barrier professional. He is show to be able to perform a complicated dimension sealling barrier in an second. He is also shown to perform a high level barrier to trap monsters which require five Onmyouji to cast it.


Guardian Alliance Edit

He hates all supernatural beings due to his short sigh and stubborness.


His arcenemy and his best student.


They have a close relationship as student and teacher or hunter and advisor.


  • You are being haunted by a powerful entity.
  • All supernaturals are evil, no exception.
  • The dead should stay dead.

Creation ConceptEdit

Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


The photo come from [1]

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