Father Garu
Biographical Information
Full Name Garu Da
Alias Creator of four wind
Other Name(s) God of Wind

Governor of Cloud Factory

Age Unknown
Home Cloud factory
Occupation(s) guardian of relax

Caretaker of Universe Bird Cage

Morality Neutral Good
Gender Male
Race Elemental


Eye Color White
Hair Color White
Allies Nanny Poppin


Minions Bird
Enemies Evil
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Wind Manipulation

Wind Body Bird Control

Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Father Garu is the Personification of Wind, Breeze and Storm, govenor of the Cloud Factory, creator of the Four Winds. Member of the Universe Office, caretaker of the Universe Bird Cage. Guardian of Relaxation and the Lord of the Bird. He is the Only Son of Gas Elemental and Cloud Elemental

Appearance Edit

Father Garu appears to be an eldely figure in a cloud form. His body is kind of transparent and is made out entire by clouds. His beard and hair are made out of wind. He is usually visible to others of his head only. His true body is said, to be higher than Mounth Himalaya. He is sometimes extremely calm and gentle or extremely angry and cruel.

Background Edit

Father Garu is one of the oldest deities who survived from the ages of God. His existence can be traced back to ancient time. When he is angry, he creates tornadoes to destory the wicked existence. When he is nice, he creates gentle winds for children to play with their kites. He has been handpicked by Rea to take care of the Universe Bird Cage.

Story Edit

Father Garu is kind and has patience for children. He breaths gentle winds for children to play with kites. He also creates gentle breezes when people are going out. Not only that, he creates all shapes of clouds for children and move them to shade children during days. Among the Guardians, he gained his Guardian title.  

At some point of the timeline, he meet Nanny Poppin. Their interest of children made them become friends quietly. Ever since, he grants Nanny Poppin the Passage of Wind to travel anywhere.

Father Garu extreme side is scary. He has no tolerance for evil. He once tried to kill Pennywise by obliterating the entire town with a hurricane.

He is seen again during the Universe meeting together with other members.

He is an old friend with Death. Death is polite enough to ask permission from him when trying to cast tornadoes to reap thousands of lifes.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As an ancient elemental, he is very powerful. His cruelty and mercilles is what makes him truly scary.

Wind and Cloud Body His body is made out of clouds and winds. Therefore he is immune to any physical attacks.

Wind Manipulation Be it wind, breeze, tornado, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon or gust, he can generate it.

Bird Manipulation - He is shown able to command thousands of birds. Everytime he appears, ten thousand of birds circle the sky or help to carry his robe.

Relationships Edit

Nanny Poppin Edit

They have been friends for a long time. He becomes furious when the Seven Monsters tried to hurt Nanny Poppin.

Universe Office Edit

They go back to the Office time to time to report his status.

Quotes Edit

  • Everyone has a hidden wing.

Creation Concept Edit

Guardian is created by Jona. All copyrights goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.

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