Flora and Fauna
Flora and Fauna
Biographical Information
Full Name Elizabeth Dominique (Flora)

Catherine Dominique (Fauna)

Other Name(s)
Age 216 (Flora)

213 (Fauna)

Birthplace Edwardian England, 50 or so miles north of London
Home Crystalline Castle
Occupation(s) Guardians of Spirit
Morality Good
Gender Female
Eye Color (Both) Emerald green
Hair Color (Both) Brown
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) (Flora) Controlling plants

(Fauna) Controlling animals

Weakness(es) Fire, Ice
Equipment Flora, Wooden sword that grows from a twig

Fauna, Knives ,throwing stars, anything you can throw

Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

 Flora and Fauna, Guardians of Spirit. Flora and Fauna are sisters who were chosen to become Guardians after they sacrificed themselves to protect their village from an attack by Pitch. They were resurrected by the Man in the Moon and gifted with powers. They are roleplayed by ShimmeringWater.

About themEdit


Flora is the elder of the two, she is 216, or 16 in her appearance, and is more mature than Fauna. She is very protective of her younger sister and can come off as a bit bossy. She is kind and gentle, but is very strong and she has a wild side. She can control plants with her powers. She has brown hair, tan skin and emerald green eyes. She has elf-like pointy ears and pretty flowers woven into her long flowy hair. She wears a long green gown and bare feet.  


Fauna is the younger at 213, or 13 in appearance. She is wild and unpredictable, but sweet when you get to know her. She is bold and brash, and often jumps into things without thinking. Her powers are controllin and communicating with animals. She shares her sisters brown hair and skin, and her emerald eyes and pointy ears. Her hair is messy and she has a smatter of freckles across her nose and cheeks. She wears a green t-shirt, old ripped jean, brown fingerless gloves, and bare feet.  

Crystalline Castle Edit

They live in a hidden castle, tucked away in a forest grove. The castle is made of pure crystal and is quite cozy, but not small. There are some carved runes on the outside of the main building

Crystalline Castle


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