Four Great Witches is a title given to four strongest witches among the witches' circle. They are the peak among witches. Some are good, some are bad and some stay neutral.

History Edit

Once upon a time, witches exist throughout the world. A General Witch Hunter decide to hunt them down. During the Walpurgisnacht, the witches group together and decide a leader to solve the crisis in the world. However, there were four goals among the witches. Unable to come to a understanding, the witches divide into four factions according to what they believe. Each faction lead by one of the Four Witches.

Grand Coven Edit

Once upon a time, witch is a faction of power that separately in everyland. Woman who pratice witch craft is called Witch. However, witch getting oppress and they soon found each other and united as Sister. The Sisterhood is soon form and change throughout the century. They become the famous Grand Coven. The current leader of Grand Coven is Wicked but she isnt the original founding member. The Orignal founding member as below:-


The history of the grand coven start when Joan of Arc rise in the battle, Later Nerfertari notice her witchcraft potential and visit France. they become friend.They then start to plan the founding of Grand coven. Both of them later visit Witch of Korea. Heo Hwang Ok. During her era, she is famous of her witchcraft into fruit. Her fruit allow whoever eat it link them destiny together. Next they visit Margery who has the title witch of eye. She able to connect herself and tell whereabout of the rest of the witch. Then they free Tituba from Salvery. Draupadi from male humiliation. They teach a brokenheart window to become a witch. They found a child who is a talent born Witch. They also retrieve Medea from the sea from Greece Sea. Louhi and Mahsuri soon come to them and wish to join the coven. After that, the grand coven become more and more influcence that another four queen of the country join them which is Su Daji, Guinevere, Himiko and Semiramis. the original 16 founding member of the grand coven.

Louhi become evil long time ago, she succumb to the darkness of witchcraft. Grand coven has to banish her out of the sisterhood. Soon, Abigail William the young witch get caught by the hunter. in order to protect herself, she betray her sister `s location. the Witch trial begin. Joan of Arc is burn at stakes, she later become one of the general of Slyvia frostguard. Himiko went to war with hunter japan branch and then fallen in the battle. Su Daji later get defeated and seal by heaven. now becoming one of the rebellion nine. Guinevere also get bewitched into a hamster by Morgana Le Fay, one of the four great witch of the time. Medea also soon fallen in battle to hunter with the help of certain hero. Mahsuri is the first one to be accused of witchcraft and killed due to abigail betray. She curse the Langkawi island seven generation of bad luck.

Semiramis `s fate is unknown. The only thing know that her hanging garden has die which mean her power has fainted. Marie Laveau escape back to africa later hide herself from the world. She use vodoo Dummy Beacon to erase her presence prevent anyone from finding her. Sarah Winchester in the other hand become mad and hide herself in the winchester. Casting all sort of spell on the Wall. Rumor she still in the house lurking. Draupadi also capture by hunter but save by certain indian hero. her fate remain unknown. With many witches getting burn and slaughter, Hunter soon manipulate politic of Egypt and execute Nerfetari. After the leader die, Margery has no choice to invite Wicked, one of the four great witches into the grand coven. In term, she control the whole thing and invite all the witches to come under her. There are also witches who join glinda fraction. Wicked then stand a ground against Hunter Organization. Wicked kill Matthew Hopkin, the Witch hunter After then, the Salem Witc hunt stop.

The Most of the original member is death and missing. Therefore, the Leaderole has pass to Wicked.

List of Four Great Witches Edit

Four Great Witches is the title hold by four most powerful witches ever exist throughout the century. Each great witches and rival the entire Grand Coven.

Wicked (Witch of the West) - Alive Edit


A typical witch wearing a pointy hat. Her most recognize feature is her green skin.


She hold the title of Witch of the West. She has the most followers. Current head of the Grand Coven. During the Walpurgisnacht, she believe witches should rule the human world and wish to enslave them.


As a dark witch, she is very powerful. She is an expert in curses and dark magic. She also has the ability to turn people into flying monkeys. Dropping a house is also an easy task for her.

Glinda (Witch of the North) - Missing Edit


A woman in white. An angel-like figure with blonde hair and carrying a long wand. She wears a large tiara on her head. Her smile in general is the thing people like about her.


She hold the title of Witch of the North. She has the least followers. She and her followers fight to protect children in the dark. During the Walpurgisnacht, she believe witches should live together with humans in an harmony way. She is an old friend with Ombric and Merlin. Currently, she went missing. She is apprentice to the previous grand white witch, Snow White


As a white witch, she is very powerful. She is an expert in healing, support and light magic. She also has the ability to animate objects. She inherits these skills from Merlin's spell book. Glinda also show the ability to negate spell cast which made her so fearsome.

Morgiana Le Fay (Witch of the South) - Deceased Edit


A woman always dressed in purple. She wears a black chain of tiara on her forehead. She likes to wear purple lipstick and put on purplish finger nail polish.


She hold the title of Witch of the South. She has the most fearsome followers of all. She and her followers get what they want by all means. She kills, steals and conduct every sin possible. During the Walpurgisnacht, she believes witches should rule over human and human must perish from the world. She strongly believes being a human is a sin. She is currently undergoing a thousand reincarnation process and coming back as Scheherazade.


As a demon witch, she is the most powerful among the four. She is an expert in killing, evil fatal magic. She even write a contract with the demon to strength her own magic power. Her student, Zarlak, together they murder the previous Witch of the East, Sarah Spellman. She also shows the ability to manufacture the scarf for Zarlak.

Sabrina Spellman (Witch of the East) - Imprison Edit


A teenager witch who has white short hair. She always wear stripe clothing and short skirt. She always carries her broom with her. Her pet, Sally follow her everywhere.


She hold the title of Witch of the East. She is also the head of Spellman' family. During the Walpurgisnacht, previous Witch of the East didn't care about humans being alive or dead. She and Glinda are close friends. Previous Witch of East died and was ambushed by Morgana. East passed her power to Sabrina which result her to become one of the four great witches.


As a successor of the East, she is a powerful and with her natural born witch family line, she is an expert in wielding both dark and white spells. However unlike previous Witch of East, Sabrina is a hot headed. She likes to fight with flashy techniques and magic skills. She is an expert with broom flying. What is fearsome about her is that she learns martial art and sword skill. With the combination, she is even more formidable than the previous East. Sabrina is a powerful familiar which pass down in the family.




Sabrina Spellman

Goals Edit

There are total four factions among the Witches. One believe Witches should live among human peacefully. Second believe Witches should rule over human as the supreme race. Third hate human and wish all human perish. Last faction do not care if humans die or live.


Notable members  Edit

Evil Queen - Mirror Witch - Trap after losing to Elizabeth White

Pamela - Famous Candy Witch - One of the Seven Monsters

Daeva - Survivor of Salem

Suzy - Witch Apprentice.- Member of the Black Shepherd

Baba Yaga - Witch of Treachery - Associate with Chaos Cycle

Nanny Poppin - Witch of Protection - Member of the Guardian Alliance

Madame Megdalene - Nameless Witch - She refuse the title of the witch of the south after she kill her mother.

Sally Stich - Cyber Witch - famous with her curse chain email

Salara - Sea Witches

Grandmama - Elder witch - One of the Addam Family.

Circe - Forest Witch - She has a power student

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