Fran with a new look
Biographical Information
Full Name Fran Marie Harper
Alias Goldie


Other Name(s)
Age 318 (physically 18)
Birthplace Born on Earth, but grew up on constellation Lyra
Home Fantasia Valley
Occupation(s) Guardian of Compassion
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Star Fairy
Eye Color Sapphire Blue
Hair Color Gold
Relative(s) Fred and Clara (parents, deceased)

Nikita (grandmother)

Affiliation(s) Symphony Rose Celeste
Allies Guardian
Enemies Orick the Slayer
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Starlight, Telekinesis
Weakness(es) Lead
Equipment Starsteel wand
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Fran Harper is the Guardian of Compassion. She is role played by Skyebreeze.


Fran rarely speaks, but her actions towards the poor and needy make a big impression. Due to being homeschooled, she has a limited social life and not sure how create a conversation with others besides her best friend, Symphony. Fran is caring towards people from different walks of life, especially children. Whenever Fran saw someone in need, she feels sorry for them and provides them with food and clothes. If someone in need is being taken advantage of and/or abused, Fran will fight to protect that group or individual in need. She is loyal to causes that are just and benefits everyone.


  • Main outfit
  • At Home Fran
  • Fran in Gold
  • Formal Party Fran
Two days before Symphony was born, Fran came into the world to parents, Clara and Fred Harper. Fred was a school teacher that was laid off due to the main school changing their format and making changes to the building's layout. Clara was a seamstress who made clothes for people of all ages and classes. Both of them eventually went to work at a clothes factory. Fran has a uncle named Eli, who was an apprentice in a financial firm, eventually owned his own business.

Due to the school's high tuition, Fred decided to homeschool Fran, but her grandparents, Nikita and Cedric, were worried that Fran would not be able to have any social skills with other people. So, the family made an agreement with the Celeste family, since Nikita was best friends with Swanika, the matriarch of the family, since childhood. After having her lessons, Fran would go with Nikita to the Celeste household, where she plays with Symphony who was around the same age as her while Nikita takes care of Symphony's younger siblings. On occasion, Symphony's older sister Alima would play with them, but only for a few minutes, then she would go out with her friends. Fran and Symphony were inseparable: they would play around the backyard of Symphony's house and pretend to have adventures in far out worlds. Sometimes, the two of them would sit or lay on the roof of either one's houses and see the stars and thinking of what other worlds are like. They also went to the same music school, where your performances pay off your tuition to that school, Fran would play the harp and Symphony would accompany her on either the piano or flute. After Symphony and her family were forced to move after they lost their business and money, Fran had to say goodbye to her friend, but the two of them stayed in contact through sending letters by starlight.

Throughout the years, Fran's grandfather, Cedric, traveled around searching for work and was employed as a warrior. After years of fighting, Cedric eventually lost one of his legs from a lead wound from one of his battles and has since retired. Fran began to learn about healing magic and archery and excelled at both. Her talents led her to be known throughout the region that she lived at the time. When Fran was twelve, Clara and Fred were working in a clothes factory when the area was struck by an earthquake, which made the building collapse on them and the other workers. Unfortunately, her uncle Eli cut ties with the family after the death of his sister, Clara. He changed however, when he married a woman named Dawn and had a son with her named John.

Three hundred years later, after Nikita returned from visiting Symphony on Earth, Fran wanted to go to Earth to see her friend again. Fran was then able to travel to Earth with Nikita and reunited with her friend, Symphony. Fran saw the people on Earth that were poor and homeless and decided to help ease their pain by using her starlight, she created food and clothes for the people to enjoy. The Man in the Moon saw her actions and decided to declare her a guardian.


Like all star fairies, Fran has powers over starlight, except hers is a mix of green and gold. Unlike most of her kind, Fran has telekinesis that she inherited from her grandfather, Cedric, however she only has some control of it. Along with telekinesis, Fran has the ability to see the future to an extent.



Clara and Fred Harper

  • Fran's parents. Clara was a seamstress and made clothes for her daughter. Fred was a former schoolteacher and taught Fran at home.

Nikita Lumina

  • Fran's maternal grandmother. Nikita is protective of Fran since she is her only granddaughter.

Cedric Lumina

  • Fran's maternal grandfather. Cedric taught Fran self-defense techniques and what plants can heal or harm her.

Eli Lumina

  • Fran's uncle. Though he is a stone-faced miser on the outside, Fran invites him to gatherings and believes that the good person he was, is still deep within him. He changed back to his old self by his wife, Dawn.

Dawn Lumina

  • Fran's aunt. When she met Eli, he was still stone-faced, however, Dawn, saw the real man within him. She eventually help him return to him and married him and eventually had a son named John.

John Lumina

  • Fran's only cousin. Both of them are like brother and sister to each other. He would live with his parents, but sometimes, he would be with his grandparents.

George Harper

  • Fran's paternal grandfather. He is funny and cheers up Fran whenever she is down.

Cammi Harper

  • Fran's paternal grandmother. She means well, but can over the top when it comes to giving ideas to others.

Foster Kids: Rina, Callie, Anamaria, and Moira.

  • Fran got to know and played with these children when they were living in the house with her grandmother, Nikita. Fran has since remained in contact with them.
    • Rina - She and Fran developed a sister-like bond while she was under Nikita's foster care. Rina keeps Cedric company at the care center.
    • Callie, Anamaria, and Moira - Fran's classmates at home while they were under her mother's foster care.

Symphony Rose Celeste

  • Fran's playmate and best friend when she was a little girl. The two of them were born two days apart and would play when Fran's lessons were over for the day. They would pretend to go adventures and play instruments together.

Stephen Kulong

  • One of Fran's friends on Earth and love interest. After meeting Stephen, she started developing feelings for him. She is sometimes not sure how Stephen feels about her due to his shyness. She and Stephen are a couple (FranXStephen).


  • One of Fran's new friends on Earth. Fran helped heal Lupita's wounds whenever she got hurt. Both of them have the ability of telepathy and communicate with the animals.


Orick the Slayer

  • Her best friend's enemy and her enemy as well. Orick terrorized his former race many years ago and is back to finish what he had started.

Prince Garreth

  • Prince of the Black Holes. He seeks to have a fair maiden first, as his princess then, his queen, against his father's wishes.

The Sea Punks

  • After Fran and Stephen left his family's home, Fran was lassoed and dragged to a ship by Daniel, one of the Sea Punks, a group of robbers that steal anything that is gold, shiny, and/or beautiful.
    • Haver: Second-in-Command of the Sea Punks. Met Fran when she was kidnapped by the Sea Punks and wanted her as his own and believes that pretty girls can't be with nerd-looking guys. Before Haver can claim her as his own with the permission of his Captain, Sebastian, however, Stephen and his siblings managed to save Fran. When the Sea Punks attempted to reclaim her, Fran, Stephen, and his siblings fought and defeated them. As the Sea Punks retreated, Haver says that he will come back for Fran, "his treasure." Whenever he hears that Fran is near the water or in the sea, Haver gets excited and goes after her, determined to get his "Gold girl" and do he what wants with her.



  • Hiking Fran
  • Bedtime Fran
  • Winter
  • Fran in green evening gown
  • Human Fran
  • Fran's second human look
  • Fran after mermaid form
  • Black Hole Princess Fran
  • Black Hole Queen outfit/wedding
  • Clara and Fred Harper (Fran's parents)
  • Nikita (Grandmother)
  • Cedric Lumina (Grandfather)
  • John Lumina (Cousin)
  • Eli Lumina (Uncle)
  • Dawn Lumina (Aunt)
  • George Harper (Paternal Grandfather)
  • Cammi Harper (Paternal Grandmother)
  • Rina, Callie, Anamaria, and Moira
  • Symphony (Best friend)
  • Prince Garreth
  • Glowing Fran
  • Fran's psychic mode
  • Fran as a mermaid
  • Fran as a mermaid when she wears gold
  • Golden Light, Fran's wand
  • Fran's wand in bow form
  • Fran's Moonstone necklace
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