FranXStephen is a couple between the two characters, Fran and Stephen.
  • Fran and Stephen together
  • Fran and Stephen (2).jpg|Under water
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The two of them met near a pond, where Fran was with her friends outside as Stephen was with his pet in the water. Step by step, they were knowing each other a bit more as well as their romance.

Fran's P.O.V.

When Fran first met Stephen, she returned his glasses that he was looking for and was intrigued by him, since he was an Underwater Human and speaks a language called Hulangar. Fran admires his knowledge and his loyalty towards others, and tries to help him overcome his shyness. As time went on, Fran began to develop feelings for Stephen and she would notice that Stephen would blush and get shy when she touches him, and gets protective of her, but he would try to brush it off, saying that he was fine and she was only a friend. The two of them look after each other and enjoy the other's company. After their "date," which was originally a friendly picnic, she admitted that she loved him and gave him a kiss.

Stephen's P.O.V.

When Stephen was looking for his glasses and thinking where he put them, he saw a blurry picture of a wonderful, but beautiful girl. When Fran gave him his glasses back, he could see her clearly and he admits to himself that she is a very beautiful girl. He speaks Hulangar only with his family, but he said a sentence to Fran that was, "You are beautiful." Stephen likes how Fran uses her powers against evil and how she battles for those she loves. He also saw that she likes to hang out with him and listen to whatever he says. When Stephen invited Fran to a friendly picnic, trouble came upon them, but they managed to solve all the problems and in the end, Stephen gives her a sea rose, while he gets a kiss from Fran.


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  • Stephen's siblings sometimes do or say funny things to both of them, but when translated to Fran, Stephen says something else.
  • Stephen occasionally gives sea flowers to Fran.


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