"I delve too deep in knowledge, in which point, The Universe One banished me. But, I know the truth. The Truth about the Void."

-Gamarosh / Archangel Uriel

Biographical Information
Full Name Archangel Uriel
Alias God is my Light

The Emperor

Other Name(s)
Age Since the Seven Archangles was created
Birthplace Creation
Home Heaven (once)

Forgotten Kingdom (Current)

Occupation(s) Angel of Wisdom (Once)
Emperor of Conquest (Current)
Morality The Seven Archangels of Heaven (Once)

The Frostguards (Current)

Gender None, presumably male
Race Archangel (Once)

Demon Lord (Current)

Eye Color
Hair Color
Relative(s) Mikael

Gabriel Raphael Selaphiel Raguel Barachiel

Affiliation(s) The Seven Archangels of Heaven (Once)

The Frostguards (Current)

Allies The Seven Generals of Winter

Siliviria Frostguard

Powers and Abilities
Equipment Entropy's Dream
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Biography Edit

Cunning, cruel, arrogant, prideful, and malevolent. These are but the few words to describe the Emperor of Conquest and the Demon of Knowledge and Philosophy. Using his extreme intelligence he can easily predict his opponent's movements in a moment's notice and force them in countless obstacles and traps that will ultimately lead his opponents to their doom.

Before the demon named itself Gamarosh, he was once the Angel of Wisdom, Uriel. Kind, benevolent, and loyal to the Universe One. He is inteded to be the Observe of the Universe and Keeper of Knowledge, he was once omniscient, almost riviling that of the Universe One. But, for his hunger for knowledge, he delve into the bowels of creation and found a power soon to be feared by all: The Void.

Empty, chaotic, disturbing, He cannot shake the thought of the nightmare he felt, he merely looked at it and it sends chills down his very existence. The All Father, has implanted the knowledge of the Universe One and himself. The Universe One would quickly snatch Uriel back to heaven, for almost destroying the Covenant He made with the All Father, he was stripped of his wings and his unriviling knowledge and descended upon the world of humanity.

The Emperor Edit

As he became a demon, he grew relentless, cold, and merciless. For countless ages he took form of many kings and emperors, silently plotting to destroy all of mankind using their very existence of sin that implants all of them: Lust and Pride.

He became an King in the deserts, took upon its people and their once proud land, full of life and wonders. With the power of sin in their hearts, he destroyed it all with few words of council towards the neighboring kingdoms, killing and devastating the land and its people. It is now left as a barren wasteland of sand and neverending sunlight.

He became a Emperor in the east, with few lies and sweets of temptation for wealth and power, he casually tore the kingdom apart by using the very people it was so loved and protected by the "Emperor".

A warlord in the North, he would drove upon countless wars and enslaved the mind of many other leaders of other tribes, he a huge portion of the northern people to sunk their ships at the bottom of the sea.

Finally, he became a sweet little prince. Readying to become a new king in a little kingdom, he killed and disguised himself as the prince of the kingdom. Shortly after he became the new king, the bishop made him utter words of oath which ultimately lead to his own end. Gamarosh didn't realize that while being crowned king, the humans were saying enchantations inside the cathedral.

Gamarosh broke free and escaped the cathedral, he enslaved the mind of the kingdom to kill all of the people but not long after, the kingdom of the east, west, and north have joined forces along with the angels to imprison him once and for all to never return to the world of mortals and banish him unto the abyss.......

Gamarosh have already predicted this would happen, though he have already forgotten it. Was it because of his mortality? His demonic thoughts? His changed mind? No matter, many ages have passed. A powerful ice witch broke him free from his supposed eternal prison underneath the kingdom, now, once more he takes the appearance of the young king and set about a catastrophe upon the world.

Though, while making catastrophes, underneath the seams of it all, he senses that he is preparing the humans instead of exterminating them, the Void calls out once more one night. It was sheer fear, he felt it once more. The Void comes and it will unleash a force of darkness that cannot be stopped.

 Powers Edit

Illusionary Dream - Gamarosh can make illusions that came from him or from others and make it into reality, though these look strikingly real, these are fakes composed of false dreams and false reality only making ever more so tragic or destructive.

Dream Realization - Gamarosh can make dreams and illusions to a reality, but in his current imprisoned state he only controls it to some degree, his power only lingers between dreams and cracks from the dimensional barrier of his prison. But, when freed, he can make massive destruction, catastrophe, and strife upon many countries and nations all at the same time.

Psionics - Gamarosh is highly capable of controlling or destroying his enemies merely through the use of psionic energies within his mental state, he is also capable of energy attacks made by his own powerful psionic powers. Further more, he can also enter one's mind and learn all the information the victim has.

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