Guardian Alliance is a group of Guardians who dedicated their life to protect children from the Nightmare King Pitch and other potential evil threats. The Founder of the Guardian alliance is Lady Chang Er. Every member of the Guardian Alliance has their own way to protect the children.
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Original Member of Guardian Alliance

History Edit

Guardian Alliance is found by Lady Chang Er. She meet MIM and learn a lot about children and wishes to protect them. During the time of crisis, she lead some Guardians to aid MIM in the fight against Pitch. This later lead to a group of Alliance to get together to form a group to keep darkness in check.The Original Member were Yemenja, Lady Chang, Roger Stilkin, Chuck Bucky and Maneki Neko. Soon The Alliance member grow bigger and stronger

List of Members Edit

Every official member is given a letter representing their character. They are hand pick by Lady Chang Er. They will go through a series of training and tests before they would become an official member. They have a total 26 official members. Each member can also nominate a possible candidate. Each of them hold their own role and own home. They each govern an area in the world as the Big Four is busy and not enough to hand and to protect the children. The List later became Max Black's kill list.  


Associated Guardian

Phoenix Nova - Comrade in Arm during the battle of War.

Valetina Love - Ex boss of Laila

Big Four They are in a good term with the Big Four.

Jack - MIM send him to train under the Guardian Alliance. He passed all the tests in flying color.

MIM - The member of Guardian Alliance all respect ahd think highly of him.

Mikael - Arrogant Guardian who look down on the alliance.

Vulpecula - Friend of Guardian Alliance. Keeper of the twelve golden gate

Captain Strider- Captain of the UNSC Hansgraf and Honorary Guardian of Leadership. Johnathon has been known to be more of a sword and shield for the Guardians in both space and on Earth, often defying the fundamental ideals of many of the Guardian Alliance's most powerful adversaries, despite his mortality. He commands a powerful naval squadron and thousands of determined marines, ODSTs, and Spartan IV super soldiers.

Function Edit

Guardian Alliance acts as a high council for the Guardian Community. They have 5 main functions:

1st. Protect children from danger

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2nd. Battle evil at their region

3rd. Recruit and train new potential Guardians

4th. Meetings about world crisis

5th. Sharing information among Guardians

Area of Coverage Edit

Among Guardian Alliance, there are two type of guardian. 1st is the world wide Guardian such as toothiana, Jack frost, Nicholas, Sandy, Katherine and Bunny. 2nd type of the Guardian is the Regional Guardian such as Ombric who stay in certain place only.

There is a world Globe in Lady Chang office showing the Area cover by the Regional Guardian.

Black and white political map of the world-0

Wanted listEdit

The Wanted List is a New system used when the guardian alliance take over by SIS. It divided to 3 category. The Cayegory is divide based on kill count. First and the most dangerous is the four horseman. They cannot fall under any category as all four horseman kill count is more than million. Second category is the 40 Billboard. The Villain that make it into the billboard is strong and achieve some incredible so a bounty is put on the head. Lastly is the observation list. It divided to 3 sub catergory which Class A Dangerous Potential is high and might cause a huge disaster, Class B which kill countless of children and is threat but not enough to make it into the billboard or inactive for a while. Class C is the villain that make a name for themselves but threat potential is low.  

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