Biographical Information
Full Name Hastur
Alias King in Yellow
Other Name(s) 13th Elder
Age 2000
Birthplace Celtic
Occupation(s) Elder of Chaos Cycle
Morality Evil
Gender Male
Race Pagan
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Unknown
Relative(s) Yog-Sothoth (Father)

Cthulhu (half-brother)
Ithaqua (offspring)

Affiliation(s) 8 Knight
Allies Chaos Cycle
Enemies Guardian Alliance
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Unrevealed
Equipment Pentacles
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Hastur is a Forsaken Pagan. He is the festival character of Eight Seasonal festival from Wheel of the Year. 13th Elder of the Chaos Cycle. They call him the King in Yellow. Organizer of Wild Hunts.


Hastur appears to be a man or woman covered entire with in a yellow robe. He has a hood covering his face and a gold pentacles on his chest. He is always leviathating above the ground. The end of the robe appears to be part of tentacles.


Hastur was born during the ages of magic when the Magic, Wizard, Wiccan, Witch were still a common thing. During the Dark Ages, he is worhsiped by Wiccan. They would give him all kinds of gift ranges from Penny to Gold bar, Mouse to Human being during every eight seasonal festival such as Yule, Imbolic and so on. All those worhsips and beliefs have create an unclean entity. He blesses the workship with money, luck and power. They call him the King in Yellow.  


As the time pass, the witch hunt started. Many Wiccan & Witches were slaughtered. Even the grand coven is reduced to a minor organization. People stop worshiping him. Time went on, modern Wiccan forgoten about him. One day, Chaos Cycle awake him from his sleep. He become furious and seek out revenge on the purest of among all - the children.

Hastur is the only elder that has yet to make an appearance to any Guardian so far. However, he was starting to take action on the world he hates. As a king, he has eight loyal knights following his order without question. He is now in a journey to reawake his eight knights.

One of the knight has appear long before Hastur awoken. Dullahan, the headless knight awoken from the seal giant cave. He has haunt the ground of Irish but defeated by Jack and Patrick on Saint Patrick's Day.

One of the knights appear to be trap in northpole in an iceberg and chain with aurora light. Lanaya, the deer rider has yet to be awaken.

3rd knight location has been revealed. Dave the dragon knight (Litha) is buried in the Volcano of Pompei.

4th knight is a Nuhas, the outlaw. He is a cowboy rider who roam the wild west. Other knight`s fates remain to be unrevealed.

Powers and Abilities

As a Pagan, he used to be a powerful entity. However, he is almost completely useless as no one believe in him anymore.

King Leadership He is clever and possesses great king leadership. His knights follow him because of the charisma he displays.

Magic barrier He displays ability to conjure magic barrier when a car hits him.

Magic Craft - He appears to be a expert spell caster and magic craft. All eight knights are created by him when he was still powerful and being worshiped.


Guardian Alliance

They yet haven't have any knowledge of the Hastur Existence.

Chaos Cycle

2nd Elder gigas codex seem to be old acquitance of Hastur.


  • Unforgiveable.
  • Vengeance come first.
  • Rise of the Yellow King.

Creation Concept

Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


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