Diana and Danial
Biographical Information
Full Name Diana and Danial Hauser
Other Name(s)
Age 600+
Occupation(s) Guardian of Rivalry
Morality Neutral
Gender Female and Male
Race Spirit
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Gold
Allies Diana to Kitana

Danial to Max

Minions Effected Citizen
Enemies Each Other
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Swordmanship

Battle Aura

Weakness(es) Father
Equipment Sword
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Hauser Sibling are the Guardians of Fairness. They are also the holiday character for World Food Festival. They each wander around the world and fight wherever whenever they are together.

Appearance Edit

Elder sibling is Diana Hauser and younger sibling is Danial Hauser. They both wear white hoods and medieval costumes. Their weapon of choice is a sword and Diana loves cats while Danial loves dogs.

Background Edit

Hauser Siblings come from a swordman family in medieval ages. In one generation, there come two talented siblings who will one day become the head of the Hauser Family. However they couldn't decide who is the most suitable canditate. The siblings fight for the position in their entire life time. They both die without any result. In the afterlife, both of them are still fighting, unable coming to an understanding.

Story Edit

Elder sibling Diana look after the elder children, while Danial of the younger siblings. They help the children and hoping one of the siblings come up on top. Their fight sometimes escalate to country wide level. Hauser Siblings first appear in Spain. They were the origin of La Tomatina.

Their aura effect the entire city and it turn into a tomato food fight. This lead to today Tomato fight Festival. Next, the two siblings meet in Italy. This time, the fight turns the entire citizens throwing oranges at each other. This become the battle of orange in Italy today.

They meet each other again at Spain. This time, they cause a new food fight happen. Grape Food Fight which is call Pobla De Duc, at some point of the timeline, Guardian Alliance or Chaos Cycle discover them but unable to stop their fight. Their fight become so fierce that no one of the party can interfere. This happen at UK and it turned into a Custard Pie throwing festival. Danial and Diana meet Max and Kitana in Spain once. The two siblings fight turns into Egg Fight known as Els Elfarinats at Spain today.


Powers and Abilities Edit

As a famous swordman family descendant and heir, Diana and Danial are extreme powerful and equal in every aspect.

Swordmanship Diana uses rapier while Danial use broadswords in a fight. They both are able to perform similar sword techniques. They both shown to perform ultimate sword techniques of the Hauser house.

Battle Aura This ability is only in display while both of them are fighting. Their fighting aura cause effect of the surround to fight as well.

Provoke - As Guardian of Rivalry's, they both possess this ability. Whenever, they see one of the sibling being bully, they would provoke the children to fight back another sibling to on equal right.

Relationships Edit

Guardian Alliance Edit

They wish to stop their fight once but end in a bad state. The only thing they can do is try to avoid that each of them meet again.

Ratatouille Edit

Ratatouille dislike these siblings as they are wasting precious food when they fight.

Max Black Edit

Danial and Max are friends as Danial help Max to realize that he should be treated more by Pitch than her sister.

Kitana Black Edit

Diana is friend of Kitana. As Danial is friend with Max, Diana of course with all rights will try to rival him by being friends with Kitana.

Quotes Edit

  • Give up brother - Diana
  • Never in a thousand years - Danial
  • Next slash will be your end.
  • Eat this.

Creation Concept Edit

Guardians are created by Jona. All copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.

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