Heaven Realm is the realm where most deities live. It is also called the Universe Office. It divides into seven layers. Each layer consist of own unique features and host of Heavens.

Overview Edit

It call the High Heaven. This is where Universe Headquarter is. The entrance is a giant staircase into the sky until a giant golden gate. The Place is constantly fill with Light The building structure is in church like

Host of Heaven - Reality (Temporarily) Universe one (Former)

Notable Resident - Mikael, Lucinda (Former), Trinity Spirit

Common Resident - Angel, Seraphim, Cerubim

It call Mount Olympus. This is where most roman deity live. It located on top of a hill. The Palace is build with gold. The structure is roman style. It is constantly cover in cloud

Host of Heaven - Zeus

An muscular Old man with white long beard. He wear a white robe and has curly hair. He is always seem with Grass crown. He easily being irritated and blast all obstacles with his thunder

Notable Resident - Twelve Olympian

Common Resident - Demi god

It call Tian Ting. This is where the asian deity live. The palace is full of herb and heaven fruit. Cloud is the main transport over here. lThe Structure is in chinese Style.

Host of Heaven - Jade Emperor (Current) Izanagi (Former)

An young man in his chinese emperor uniform. A giant jade on his chinese crown. He is always seem holding his hand behind him while walk. He very calm but dictatorship in a way.

Notable Resident - Izanami, eight Immortal, General Lee Ji, Seven lucky God, Long Mu

Common Resident - Dragon, Heavenly Soldier, Heavenly Muses

It call Aaru. This is a reed field. The Entrance to the place is through a boat passing mutiple gate along the river. The Place is full of gold sand. Its building structure is in Egyptian style.

Host of Heaven - Osiris

An man in his eygptian uniform. A Pharoah entire and his left hand holding a life wand and his right hand holding an light flail. His skin is green and very strict. He dont smile

Notable Resident - Anubis, Set, Horus,

Common Resident - Lesser Egyptian God

It call Vaikutha. This place is a giant lake without boudaries and Its land is made from lotus leaf and white lily. The Buidling Structure is in hindu style

Host of Heaven - Shiva (Current) Buddha (Former)

A woman in blue skin which has six hand. She wear a indian female cloth. She is always calm and meditate a lot. She is a proud woman.

Notable Resident - Brahma, Vishnu

Common Resident - Nirvana Monk

It call Valhalla. This place is build on Crystal. The palace can only reach by a rainbow bridge. A place where norse god live. There is a giant tree in the middle of the castle.

Host of Heaven - Odin

A elderly oldman riding a eight leg horse. He wear golden armour and horn helmet. One of his eye is blind. He wield a golden Spear and always eager to fight.

Notable Resident - Loki, Fregyja, tyr

Common Resident - Valkyrie

This place has many names. Most people call it the paradise. It the Largest heaven among seven. The entrance is a golden chain where connect the mortal world. It has a large white fire burning up till the sky. The building in all kind of structure building in a bubble.

Host of Heaven - Allah (current), Istar (Current), Great Spirit (Current)

Allah - A Mysterious being wrap in cloth. Even his entire face is cover with a cloth wirtten Allah in islamic wording. He speak in a tone between male and female.

Ishtar - A Beautiful sexy female goddess in a goddess attire. She has a long hair. pink lips and sweet scent around her. She seem nice but she a dictator ruler

Great Spirit - A white entity with deer horn, dragon eye, Horse body with wolf limb, bear claw, tiger pawn, Leapord leg. His hand is a crab claw. He has three pair wing, eagle wing, Bat wing, insect wing. A insect receptor on his head. A snake tongue. Lion Hair, Sheep fur and Scorpion tail and etc

Notable Resident - Olorun, Quetzalcoatl

Common Resident - Heaven Beast

Background Edit

Universe one created the whole Universe along with Earth. He and his companion govern the world and take good care of mankind. This lead to the start of the ages of God. This eventually lead to the existence current Universe Office. However, one day, Universe One went missing and pass his important role to Reality. The Chaos Cycle began spreading through the land. Many men have forgotten the God and the battle between good and evil continue.

Rule and Boundaries Edit

There is several rules and regulations being the host of Heaven. This term applied to all the hosts of Heaven.

1) Host of Heaven cannot interfere with the mortal world directly.

2) Host of Heaven position can be pass to the next successor.

3) Whoever defeated the Host of Heaven became the next Host.

4) Omnipotence can only be activate with the voting of 9 council members. If the majority agree, the wish will be granted. Supreme Host has the right to overwrite the vote.

5) Supreme Host can be replaced if all members see the host no longer fit to hold the position after three warnings.

6) Fighting among the council is forbidden.

7) No alliance with any evil.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As the host of Heaven and being primordial Being, all of them is powerful being. Rea is in charge of govern the world under their guidance. However, as the host of heaven, they all possess similar power but also possess unique ability.

Common Abilites:

Life and Death As host of Heaven, they can kill and give life as they wish

Terrain Creation - As host of Heaven, they have the ability to design their govern area.

Lordship- As host of heaven, they can control their minion at will.

Omnipotence- There appear to be powerful enough to do anything they wish. However this ability can only be used when the universe voting passed.

Immortality- They can live forever

Unique Abilities: 

(Rea) 1st Host of Heaven Time, Space, fate manipulation (Universe One Ability)

(Zeus) 2nd Host of Heaven - Absolute Thunder Javelin - fatest and farthest hurling weapon of all realm

(Jade Emperor) 3rd Host of Heaven- Absolute Seal - he can seal any movement with his acupuncture and he possesses a seal of Heaven which seals any evil being

(Osiris) 4th Host of Heaven - Absolute enhance - he can enhance anything to its maximum. A mere human can change into a Giant Berserker with one touch

(Shiva) 5th Host of Heaven - Thousand hand - she can conjure thousand hand to assist. It's an absolute defense

(Odin) 6th Host of Heaven - Battle Form - a war armor he wears to battle. It comes with slepnir and gulpnir. A ultimate spear that destroy anything and the ride of storm

(Allah) 7th Host of Heaven - Star fall - he can conjure rain of ultimate blast unlimited and continuously

(Istar) 7th Host of Heaven - Hormone control - controlling pleasure. Sexual Drive, hunger, and sleepiness

(Great Spirit) 7th Host of Heaven - Ever Changing - He possesses all animal souls. This enable him to morph and use any animal ability

Relationships Edit

Reality Edit

They always demand result and efficiency from Rea.

Universe Caretaker Edit

They think very lightly of them as they consist the supreme God.

Buddha and Izanagi  Edit

They are former hosts of Heaven that have deceased as Chaos Cycle managed to bring them down.

Quotes Edit

  • How long are you planning to keep us waiting - Istar to Rea
  • We started to think you are unfit for this position - Jade Emperor to Rea
  • Ally yourself with a Guardian??!! Are you out of your mind!? - Shiva to Rea
  • I am very disappointed at you - Allah to Rea
  • We want RESULT not all this paper - Zeus to Rea
  • What excuse do you have for yourself - Odin to Rea
  • So conclusion is there nothing solid - Osiris to Rea
  • We will give you another chance - Great Spirit to Rea

Creation Concept Edit

Group Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment. I respect all culture and religion. The personality and story and Deity is all story only. Please do not get offended.

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