Biographical Information
Full Name Hephaestus
Alias Vulcan

Smith of the Gods


Other Name(s)
Birthplace Olympus
Home Hephaestus' Workshop and Forge
Occupation(s) Blacksmith



Morality Neutral
Gender Male
Race God
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Relative(s) Zeus (Father)

Hera (Mother)

Ares (Brother)

Affiliation(s) Olympups
Minions Worker Cyclopes
Powers and Abilities
Equipment His Forge




Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Greek god of fire and the forge. Hephaestus is role-played by Orion's Dagger.


The Greek god of fire and the forge, as well as masonry and sculpture. He moved out of Olympus for a change of pace a couple centuries. Currently he runs the Smith's Machinery & Blacksmith, as a neutral party between everyone in the world. He supplies what he's asked for, as long as the request isn't for something cataclysmic or genocidal.


He is a large built, muscular man, his skin a dark, glowing red from centuries at the forge. He moves about on steel crutches because the abnormalities of his feet cause him to be lame. He wears a large blacksmith's apron with a burning anvil symbol on it. 


A bit rough at times, he's out of practice with speaking as he doesn't speak to other living beings too often. He's kind to most others, but he holds a sizzling stone of anger for his brother Ares. He's not soft-spoken, and is rather blunt, as it makes more sense to tell the proper amount of information rather than holding back. He can be a bit of an eccentric, and has unbalanced priorities towards things related to his line of work.

Objects Stored in ForgeEdit

  • Army of 200,000 Mechanical Horses (Miniature)
  • The Hunt (Permanently Damaged) - A mechanical sentinel modeled after an eagle, lion, wolf, and bear.
  • Razorbill Flock (50 Total)
  • Roller-Rhino (20)
  • King Horsewhip
  • Steam-Powered Motorcycle (5)
  • Sound Therapy Baby Mobile - Come with bird, rain, crickets, and humming setting represented by a bird, a teardrop, a cricket, and a dream-catcher respectively.
  • Mechanical Wings (6 Sets; 1 Severely Damaged)
  • Griffin Trap (17)
  • Mobile Playground (Spider Model) ([8] Piece Set; [3] Slides, [1] Jungle Gym, [2] Four-Seat Swing sets, [2] Seesaws, [1] Merry-go-Round
  • (Cont.)


Melina Aporia - His adopted daughter. He cares for her, and, while he understands if she doesn't want to talk about her past trauma's, he hopes that she'll at least try to make more meaningful connections with others. Her worries for her on more than one occasion, and forged her umbrella so that she had a means of protecting herself. Unfortunately it works too well, and actually blocks anything she wants, including other's heartfelt emotions.

Valentina Love - One of his wife's daughters. While he's always disgruntled with his wife's numerous affairs, he genuinely cares for each of Aphrodite's children despite their origins. He likes to think of her as though she were actually his daughter.

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