Hot Shot (3)
Hot Shot
Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s)
Age 21
Birthplace Unknown
Home Cybertron
Occupation(s) Good
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Power suit, flight
Equipment Shot gun
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Hot Shot is not a Guardian, but is a human believer and is a superhero. He is role played by Valentin girl.

About him

Hot Shot is a 21 year old boy who still believes in the Guardians and will help them with their quests. He is unaware where he was born, but his new home is Cybertron. There he trained to be a super soldier and got his battle armor from the people that made it.

He is a funny guy that likes jokes, a big talker and has a large temper when someone is picking on him. He likes multiple weapons that he uses in his battle and knows how to be a great soldier, even though sometimes his anger is much too overwhelming.


He has blonde messy hair, up on it he has goggles to save his eyes when he is attacking. Blue eyes, and has a mic only on his left ear, so that he could hear the person who is communicating to him, when he is in his armor. He ordinary wears a yellow T-shirt and bellow it an orange shirt that only the sleeves show up from the T-shirt. He also has orange jeans and black-white sneakers.

Battle armor

His battle armor is attached on his back and seems like a back pack. But as he says his magic word that is: 'Change' , his back pack starts to work and suits Hot Shot up into a fighting robot. He has a yellow helmet covering half of his head and a grey face with blue eye goggles. The yellow color is on his neck, shoulders, a bit of his arm as also a bit on his lower legs. The orange color stretches through his chest down to his legs. He also has grey hands, a silver holder as an X on his chest and black-white feet. Hot Shot can also say: 'Transform' and he can transform into a vehicle. On the battle armor there are lots of symbols, but one particular symbol is on his left shoulder. The symbol is a sign for the people who made the armor.


As he is a talker, he has friends inside the vicinity named Cybertron, where other people are training in, but not much from the outside world.


He is the leader and also a friend.


He is Hot Shot's best buddy. They both went on several battle fields.


He acts like a little brother to him.


Hot Shot would say that Starscream is very moody. One time is friendly, while the other time he doesn't want to talk to anyone.



He can fly with the help of the wings, like from a helicopter, that are on his back.


As he is a soldier, his fighting is very unique and fast. He can deliver hard punches.

Shot gun

He always carries a shot gun with or without his armor and shoots out lasers.


Still in progress.


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