House of Darkness is owned by Dark sister.

About the houseEdit

Haunted house

The house of Darkness is a haunted house and no one wants to go in it. And if some dare to go inside, they never come back alive. The people that are living near the house said, that the house is bewitched and has many horrors inside of it, as you can't imagine. The house is seen in a bad condition, but it stands here for 1400 years.

In the house can live Dark sister's pet wolf, Creepy.


There are some spooky places in the house, that are frightful for humans, but likeable for Dark sister. These are:

  • The dungeon (people can fall in the dungeon, just by standing by the front doors, when a trap door is released)
  • Music room (Is a room full of 'old' music)
  • Living room (The statues and paintings, that are in the house, can be alive)
  • Weapon room (The weapons can be hanged from the ceiling, as some traps that are there)
  • Hallways (The hallways can be spooky and dangerous)
  • Graveyard (Outside the house is a terrifying graveyard)
  • Rooms (Some of the rooms can be tricky and some very scary)

Beings, traps and objectsEdit

There can be some surprises for the people, that wish to come in the house. But they aren't alone.

Statues and paintingsEdit

The statues and painting that are there, can be alive or just move around, with their eyes or their full body.


There are plenty of ghosts there, to spook anyone, including some of the Creepy pasta's.


Outside, where is the graveyard, can be real zombies just waiting for someone to come as they grab the person and reel him to the ground.

Trap doorsEdit

Trap doors are everywhere in the house. 

Piano Edit

The piano, that is in the music room, can play a creepy music by itself.


The trees can be seen as very creepy haunted. For trespassers, this can be fatal.

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