Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s) Jaycen
Age 11
Occupation(s) Guardian of Healing
Morality Good
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Relative(s) Blake (older brother)

Mallory (little sister)

Allies Blake





Enemies Pitch



Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Anything but mostly healing
Weakness(es) When someone evil says his name he transforms into a Demon Dog.

He can't heal everything or everyone.

Background Information
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Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

I don't believe there's anymore magic in the world...there are too many good people suffer and too many bad people and evil here for it to be true...

—Jace agreeing with Ember


Jace looks very similar to Blake and Mallory, considering they're all siblings. He has black hair like them, but unlike them he has red eyes. When someone evil says his name he will transform into a Demon Dog and is under their control, however when someone good says his name he can transform back to human, as he was before.


Jace is very gentle and calm and doesn't like fighting or violence, much like his older brother, Blake. However, if he gets close to someone and trusts them, he'll actually be a lot like his sister, Mallory, cheerful and happy. Though he tends to get scared very easily, he can still be stubborn when the time is right. When he's scared or he doesn't trust someone however, he'll become very silent and shy and will shut everyone and everything out.


If you need to know I'll tell you...

Weapons and PowersEdit

Jace can do anything like his brother and his sister. However, the ability he uses the most, like Ember, is healing. He can heal almost anything with just one touch. Like with Mallory, Ember doesn't like him using a weapon and won't allow him to in fear that he'll get hurt.


Blake: His older brother, like with Mallory, Blake loves him very much and would do anything to protect him.

Mallory: His little sister, he loves her but doesn't always like how loud and excited she can get, as he likes quite like Blake.

Ember: Ember is like an older sister to him, she loves him and protects him.

Guardians: He likes the Guardians a lot and looks up to them, wanting to be like them one day.

Pitch: He doesn't like Pitch. Pitch scares him and gives him nightmares.

Britney: He doesn't like Britney. He likes when Blake and Ember are together and doesn't like when Britney tries to get in the way.

K: He's VERY afraid of K and doesn't like him because he hurts him.

Phoenix: He likes Phoenix and looks up to him as well. He's also fascinated with Phoenix's power.


"You're not evil." -Jace to Ember

"Why does everyone always want to hurt other people? Why can't we all just be friends?" -Jace asking Blake


  • Jace's full name is actually Jaycen, but he prefers to be called just "Jace" instead.
  • Jace's name means: A healing.
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