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Biographical Information
Full Name Jack Alchemy
Other Name(s)
Age 130,000 years old
Home In floating temples of Shang la
Occupation(s) Guardian of Magic
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color
Hair Color
Relative(s) Mom, dad (deceased)
Allies Phoenix
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Alchemist, discovering more powers and abilities
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Jack Alchemy is the Guardian of Magic. He is being role-played by Ironman01


Jack Alchemy is a 130,000 year old boy, and lives in the floating temples of Shang la. He never knew his parents, except their names: Jack and Jill. He never had a family nor friends, except when he then met Phoenix. He never asked Phoenix to turn back the time, so that he would see his family, because then he would be worried he would try to change it.

One day, when the 12 year old Jack was alone in the forest, an old man (that turned out to be God) pointed him to the direction where Phoenix was: in Atlantis. Phoenix was crying then, and when Jack came to him, he started to heal him, taught him magic, and spent a year with him, before they were separated. Jack lost Phoenix, when he was going to a village to get some food. When Jack found Phoenix in 20 years, he saw him in Pompeii, where the people there threw him into the volcano, because they saw him as a blasphemer to their Greek Gods and set up the volcano. Jack wanted to save his friend, but the people knocked him out. When he came back to his conscious, he was covered in lava. As he used his power to free himself, he saw his friend crying in the city. Jack came to him and gave him a hug, but Phoenix immediately disappeared.

After then, Jack went to a magic palace to learn more, as his teacher was Merlin. He taught him all every magic spell and abilities in the multiverse. When his learning was in very end, he became a traveler, till he came upon the floating temples and lived there forever.


Phoenix Edit

He only knows him from when he sank Atlantis but Phoenix disappears, but Jack heard about him when he got possessed by Ares and killed millions of people.

Thunderstrike Edit

He's cute. I was the one who made him able to turn human. As a gift for him on his birthday.

Symphony Edit

Symphony's nice..though I'd like to meet the guy shes married to.

Void Edit

He is a good guy. I was there when he stopped an omega sized planet with his bare hands from colliding with a populated planet.

Julia Edit

Julia....she...i loved her like a sister. *voice breaks* A part of me died when she did...

Blaire Evans Edit

She is my girlfriend. I love her very much. She is beautiful. Amazing wings. An outstanding personality.

Enemies Edit

Zock and Block Edit

Power drainers, they are drains powers the other uses them. I met them in the civil war.

Quotes Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • He cannot remember when he was born/when he has his birthday.
  • His signature color is blue.
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