Is owned by: Jade Windragon.

What is the Grotto?Edit

Also known as "The Valley" by Jade, a secret place where she practices her martial arts. A extremely peaceful place. The only way a person can find this place is if she shows them. Cause it is hidden by magic, you can walk right past it and not see it or if she lets the person find it. (again with her magic access to the place). 

Jades Secrect Place

Jade's Secret Place


It's hidden by her magic, but if you were to find it the location would be on the mountain under her pavilion (not underground though). 


While she was in Asia at the time shortly after she became a Guardian, Jade had found the Grotto and kept it as her own naming it the "Peaceful Place," but also in protection of her new found place she called it "The Valley" completely different from what it really is. (Also adding to making this place hard to find). Then with a glow of her power she made a Dragon Statue Inside, which is also magic, one time she thought she felt it breath. 

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