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Biographical Information
Full Name James Bernett
Alias Legend Hunter
Other Name(s) Master Huntsmen
Age 100
Birthplace Burgess
Home Hunter Headquaters
Occupation(s) Legend Hunter
Morality Neutral


Gender Male
Race Immortal
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Relative(s) Jamies Bennett (ascendant)
Affiliation(s) Legend Hunter
Minions Hunters
Enemies Supernatural beings
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Magecraft

Martial Art Weapon Mastery

Weakness(es) Mortal limit
Equipment Silver arrow

Holy water and Etc

Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

James is a believer. He is a train professional mortal combatant that goes against supernatural beings. He is the 5th generation leader of the Legend Hunter. He leads a group of hunters going after supernatural beings.


He appears to be only a teenager. Despite his young ages, he is seen and lived for 100 years due to drinking the water from the holy grail. He is always seen wearing a green uniform to cover his face and everything else.


James true name is James Bernett. He is direct descendant of Jamie Bennett. At some point among the timeline, the family of Bernett's get outcast as they are seen as maniacs who chase after supernatural beings. Then the descendant decides to prove the world wrong and they begin hunting down supernatural being regardless good or bad. And then James was born.

Story Edit

James became the leader of the Legend Hunters. He start training since he was born. He had a rough childhood. For some reason, no Guardian was protecting him. He grow to hate them more and more. He decided to hunt them down.

He once burned the entire Indonesia forest just to lure out Big Foot. He also used sonic wave generate device to kill off the sea creature trying to prove mermaids are real. Lady Yemenja moved from sea to lake because of this.

He also send off Hunters to hunt down all turkeys in Thanksgiving.

Not only the Guardians, even Pitch was one of his victim. When Pitch wanted to scare the children, his men would wait behind the door and use children as a bait to hunt down Pitch, using a holy arrow.

They get information and keep on going after supernatural phenomena. James also caught the supernatural being and sell them to black market for good price such as pegasus.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As all Legend Hunters, James is also train in Magecraft, Archery, Swordmanship, Martial Art and Assansination. He learn to knowledge of all supernatural like all the Legend Hunters did. However he is exceptional strong among the best of the best.

Magecraft - As a mortal, he uses book and magic circle to cast magic. In order to go on path with supernatural beings, he memorize every incantation from the spell book.

Double Casting - He is able to cast a very complicated spell very fast. Let along, he is able to use double casting at once. The more spells he cast at once, the slower he get.


Martial Art - He is train similar to an acrobatic to perform inhuman task that surpass human body.

Equipment- All Legend Hunters are equip with unqiue and enchanted weapon to go on par with Supernatural. Although they are not god-like powerful, but when they are working together they are able to bring down giants. They possess silver arrows, holy water, Hydra poison, diamond magic necklace, chain of ourobos, cloak of invisiblility, shoes of icarus, magic compass, fake pandora box and so on.

Holy Grail - He is the only legend hunter that has drink the water from it. It grant him one hundred years of knowledge and lifespan.

Trap Master - He is able to set up all kinds of traps to seal off supernatural being. Like in: iron prison, Pandora mirror, magic seal. Gleipnir is his most power possession. The spring that bind the fenrir down.


Guardian Alliance Edit

He hates the Guardians, he is going after them one by one.



He hate him the most among the Guardians. He develop a special trap that can turn Jack into ash.


Pitch is out numbered by them once and flee in time before he got caught into a urn.

La Djinn


  • I spell the Guardians, it's their disgusting word.
  • They were here, after them!!
  • Track them down.
  • I do believe in you...but I am not fan.

Creation ConceptEdit

Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


The photo come from [1]

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