Jamie (2)
Jamie Bennett
Biographical Information
Full Name Jamie Bennett
Alias Jamie

Kiddo The Last Light

Other Name(s)
Age 8


Home Burgess
Occupation(s) Guardian of Trust
Gender Male
Race Human


Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Relative(s) Sophie Bennett

Mrs. Bennett

Allies The Guardians
Enemies Pitch
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Indominatable Spirit
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s) Dakota Goyo

I knew you'd come!

—Jamie Bennett

Jamie is role-played by nobody.

About himEdit

Rise of the Guardians - Jamie believed

Rise of the Guardians - Jamie believed

Jamie Bennett was the only child who did not give up on his belief in the Guardians during and after the crisis of Pitch's Nightmare attack. Jamie has unkept brown hair and brown eyes. He has a round and youthful face, and an obvious missing a tooth due to the sledding incident with Jack Frost.


Jamie is a rather curious boy who is fascinated by the mysterious and supernatural world. He is also interested in Bigfoot and aliens.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Jamie is a normal human child, who doesn't possess any supernatural powers, but he is a brave, creative and resourceful believer of the Guardians.

He was referred by North as the Last Light, when he was the last child to believe in the Guardians until the end of the movie.

Indomitable Spirit

Jamie has an active imagination and a strong belief, trust and faith in the Guardians and the supernatural. He possesses an indomitable spirit, which is powerful enough to energize the Guardians in their battle against darkness.

His faith in the Guardians let him be able to interact with them and also helped him realize when he was being visited by Jack Frost. Thanks to his belief and trust, he was able to keep the Guardians from vanishing, and helped them defeat Pitch.

One of the signs of his strong faith is when he was able to change Pitch's Nightmares back into Sandman's dreamsand.

Jamie's belief is strong enough to help bring the Sandman back and help his friends believe in the Guardians once again.

Creativity and Resourcefulness
Rise of the Guardians FINAL BATTLE Guardians VS Boogeyman

Rise of the Guardians FINAL BATTLE Guardians VS Boogeyman

While Jamie can't afford all the toys that he wants, he's resourceful and imaginative enough to create his own like his hand-made clay ninja sculptures and homemade posters.

Jamie is resourceful enough to figure out how to restore the Sandman back.



  • He is voiced by Dakota Goyo.
  • He was the first child to see Jack Frost.
  • Jamie has a sister named Sophie Bennett.
  • He has a female greyhound named Abby.
  • According to Dakota Goyo, Jamie's center would be Trust.
  • “Jamie and his single working mother don’t have much money, so he often can’t afford all the toys that he wants, but he’s resourceful and imaginative enough to make his own. His hand-made clay ninja sculptures and homemade posters are a reflection of his indomitable spirit, which is powerful enough to energize the Guardians in their battle against darkness.”
    • Abby
    • Jamie's room
    • Jamie's rabbit toy
    • Jamie's clock and robot
  • Jamie has a temporary tattoo in the back of his left hand.
  • Interesting to note that Jamie Bennett has a special connection with Jack Frost and he somewhat resembles Jack's sister. It is possible that Jamie is a descendant from Jack's little sister, which might be the reason Jack felt drawn to Jamie. When Peter Ramsey, the director of ROTG, was asked about this, he answered: "Who knows…! It could be possible… One of my regrets is that we didn’t have more screen time in the movie to flesh things out a bit more. Is there a bigger connection between Jamie and Jack? Yeah, that could be a definite possibility, that there’s some kind of lineage connection like that. It’s one of those movie mysteries."
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  • "Okay, who threw that?'
  • "I knew you'd come!
  • (To his plush bunny, pretending it's the Easter Bunny) Okay, look. You and I are obviously at what they call 'a crossroads'. So, here's what's gonna happen. If it wasn't a dream, and if you are real, then you have to prove it. Like, right now. (doesn't get a response) I've believed in you for a long time, okay? Like, my whole life, in fact. (picks up the plush bunny) So you kind of owe me now. You don't have to do much. Just a little sign so I know. (whispers) Anything. Anything at all. (Nothing happens) I knew it. (drops the plush bunny dejectedly)
  • (To Pitch) "I do believe in you. I'm just not afraid of you."
  • Jamie: You're leaving? But what if Pitch comes back? What if we stop believing again? If I can't see you...
    Jack: Hey, slow down, slow down! Are you telling me that you stop believing in the moon when the sun comes out?
    Jamie: No.
    Jack: Okay, well, do stop believing in the sun when clouds block it out?
    Jamie: No.
    Jack: We'll always be there, Jamie. And now we'll always be here. (points to Jamie's heart) Which kinda makes you a Guardian too.

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