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Demon girl Jane
Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s)
Age 13
Occupation(s) Guardian of Kindness
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Human (originally)

Demon/Spirit (currently)

Eye Color Green (originally)

Black (currently)

Hair Color Black
Relative(s) Kyle ("brother")
Allies Kyle




Powers and Abilities
Weakness(es) Meanness





Background Information
First Seen On this Wiki
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

I don't see why we all can't just be nice. I don't know why there has to be so much hatred in the world.


Jane is role-played by Fangirl111

Appearance Edit


When Jane was alive, she had tanned skin, black hair, green eyes and freckles. She wore a flowing purple dress, purple slippers, and a purple choker given to her from her mother.

Demon Edit

As a Demon, she has very pale skin and black eyes. She wears the same dress, but now has purple high heals instead of slippers, and wears long purple gloves. She now wears her hair done up in a braid as well.

Personality Edit

Despite being a Demon, she is actually very kind, shy, and gentle. She doesn't like fights or arguments or load gatherings like parties. She tends to get scared easily and doesn't like being alone. She's generous and always willing to try to help, though she can even seem like a bit of an airhead at times and is very girly.

History Edit

Coming soon!

Weapons and Powers Edit

She doesn't know how to use her powers and even more, is afraid to. She doesn't like fights and tries very hard not to get involved or attempt to use her powers. However, she loves to use them to grow flowers, as they are something that reminds her of life.

Relationships Edit

Kyle: Kyle had found her when she first became a spirit, and took her in as his "little sister", she loves him very much and trusts him. When there's possible danger, she usually hides behind him for protection and safety.

Ember: She had always known and loved Ember. She was shocked when Ember could see her and became great friends with her, despite who her father is and what he did. Ember is her Princess and she is very loyal to her.

Jane when she was alive

Blake: She loves Blake like a brother too and they're great friends as well.

Britney: She loves Britney like a sister and is very sad about how much she's changed.

K: *blush* Oh! Moving on! Keep reading!

Guardians: She likes the Guardians but is afraid that they won't except her. She likes Sandy the most because of the good dreams he gives.

Pitch: She doesn't like him. He gives her nightmares and that's caused her to become scared of him.

Quotes Edit

"What's going on? Is there a rainbow outside? I love rainbows!" -Jane to Kyle

"I love nature. So calming..." -Jane to Blake, who agreed

"Tea can fix everything!" -Jane to Ember

Trivia Edit

  • Jane's favourite drink is tea.
  • Her worst fear is being hurt by people who don't understand her.
  • Although Kyle and her aren't actually siblings by blood, she still calls him her brother.

(Art from, editing done by Ember.)

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