The Guardian of Destiny having had his attributes, mind, and mother switched to that of Macha. This being goes by his birth-name Abloec.

Appearance Edit

Similar in appearance to Janus, Abloec does not share Janus' curse, nor the physical transformations imprinted on Janus' body by said curse. His hair is completely black, his blood is actually blood, Janus' tattoos are not visible, and both eyes are his natural green. Unlike Janus' red clothes, Abloec wears purple and grey robes and a golden circlet.

Personality Edit

Abloec is far more reserved than Janus, and is far more courteous than him as well. No less clever, Abloec is manipulative, and the power in his words more more than just a passing phrase.

Abilities Edit

Abloec is still capable of utilizing Janus' keys, lights and shadows, however he does not favor them.

Sovereignty - When speaking, those who hear Abloec speak are compelled to follow his instruction. He can also temporarily crown another as ruler, giving them similar ability.

Abloec is skilled in using his golden stave. Because Janus does not normally carry a stave, his sword, Lann fuill instead shifts its form into that of Abloec's weapon, the Luchd-obrach fuil.

Ruler - When within the bounds of what would be considered his land, Abloec has nigh complete control of those within the area. While this is limited to what is physically and vocally possible, it is extremely powerful when properly utilized.

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