Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s)
Age 400 (physically 20)
Birthplace Lyra Constellation
Home Dark Lair
Occupation(s) Troublemaker
Morality Evil
Gender Male
Race Star Fairy
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color White
Relative(s) Orick the Slayer (uncle)
Allies Residents of Dark Lair
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Starlight
Weakness(es) Lead and starsteel
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Jasper is Orick the Slayer's nephew. He is role played by Skyebreeze.


Jasper was born to Barret Jr., the mostly unknown younger brother of Orick the Slayer. When he saw Orick committing his horrendous acts, Jasper was amazed and wanted to be like him someday. However, his uncle was defeated by another star fairy named Swanika and was sent to somewhere far away.

As the years past, Jasper attempted to be like his uncle, but was unsuccessful and was locked away in a prison for twenty years. After he was released, Jasper went throughout in order to establish himself as a threat like his uncle before him. Eventually, he heard his uncle was freed by unknowing beings and Jasper went to find his uncle, who has since tried to revive his reign of terror on a new generation. Jasper arrived on Earth and reunited with his uncle Orick and meets Daeva, Bellatrix, Lavernia, and Nazreen.


Orick the Slayer

  • Jasper's Uncle. He is the only family Jasper has and he admires his uncle.


  • Orick's lady friend and wife.


  • Daeva's daughter. She at first didn't believe that Jasper was real and went as far as to pull on Jasper's head. She thinks that he is cute, but still has her doubts about him.


  • Daeva's niece. When she first meets Jasper, she seems to like him and thinks that he is funny in a strange way.


  • Orick's servant. She respects him, like she respect his uncle. When he first arrived, Nazreen thought he would looked more like his uncle and not quite as attractive, but she was surprised.
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