Jia Zi Ya
Biographical Information
Full Name Jia Zi Ya
Alias Giver of Name
Other Name(s)
Age  ????
Birthplace China
Home China Kunlun
Occupation(s) Teacher
Morality Good
Gender Male
Race Immortal
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color White
Relative(s) Sanzo

Fa Hai

Allies Magic Council
Enemies Chaos Cycle

Grand Coven

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Taoism

Feng Shui

Equipment Star Rod
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Jia Zi Ya is a powerful Chinese sorcerer. He is member of the magic council. Friend of Merlin and Circe. Old Acquaintance of Fa Hai. He own a holy beast call The four not Alike Enemy of Scheherazade


Jia Zi Ya appear to be a young child in his 10 years old. He usually dress in china outfit and he bun his hair in ancient china style. His voice is a child like 10 years old. However his attitude is an old man. His true ages is above 1000 years old. He has a Fishing rod with him


At the ages 15, Jia Zi Ya who friend with Fa Hai and also Sanzo, the second head of hunter association, they are training under the same teacher for Taoism Magic, Feng Shui. After their master pass away, the three discipline part their way. Sanzo start his journey to the west. Fa Hai then soon become famous stopping the white snake goddess. Jia Zi Ya on the hand remain in china. He has his own journey to walk.


In Ancient China, there a Witch Queen call Su Daji, One of the Scheherazade reincarnation. She rule china in cold blood. The Whole china is in chaos under her rule. Jia Zi Ya try to overthrow her. He has encounter many immortal along his journey such Three eye war god who has divine dog, Ne Zha who is actually has a lotus body, Taoism Practitioner whose face look like a bird and control thunder in the sky. With a lot of Effort, they finally defeat Su Daji. In the end, Su Daji put a reverse age curse on Jia Zi Ya. Whenever he use magic, his age will reverse bit by bit which result he becoming a child.

After the incident, china is once again threaten by the four fiend. Huo Zhuo, A beast had no face, no eye no mouth and ear. Its has six arm and giant wing. Second Beast is call Tao Tie, A beast that eternal hunger which has even horn on its head and Giant Mouth as its distinctive feature. Third Beast call Chiong Qi. A Tiger with wing and Spike like hedgehog on its back. Last is Tao Wu. A Human Face like beast with a long long tail.

The four fiend is so powerful that Jia Zi Ya no choice find the four sacred beast, Suzaku the Vermillion Bird, Seiryuu, Azure Dragon Genbu, Turtle Snake and Byakko the White Tiger to counter the four fiend. In the end, he successfully seal the beast.

With many good deed, his reputation earn him the seat of magic council representative in china. Abdullah open the magician Academy, he manage a sub school in Asia region to continue his teacher`s teaching.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a human only, he has practice Taoism magic to an extend that can manipulate Ki of Heaven and Earth. He very powerful even Merlin will has trouble defeating him if wasn't for his curse.

Taoism -  He is an expert in Taoism magic. Five Element, Yin and Yan Energy.

Feng Shui - Due to his curse, he can only use Feng Shui at the moment. To use arrangement of altar, and manipulate the Flow of Ki in heaven and Earth.

Reverse Age Curse - He got curse by Su Daji. Whenever he use magic, his age will reverse. It slowly killing him.

Four No Alike - He has a holy beast ride previously belong to his teacher. The beast has horn like deer, Face like horse, tail like donkey and leg like cow.

Cane of Seven Star - He own a cane that absorb Ki energy from Star in the sky which allow him to use certain magic.


Magic CouncilEdit

He very respectful in the Council and he group well with other.  

Abe No Hideaki Edit

He also help Seimei watch over him as previously he borrow the four beast to fight off the four fiend.


Jiang ZiyaSSP

He is looking for her and she is the only one that can lift the curse. He try to look for grand coven but there didnt found her anywhere.

Fa Hai Edit

He try to contact Fa Hai but he doesn't seem to want to contact Jia Zi ya for some reason.

Taoism Academy Edit

Five Element Class

Herb and Pill Class

Familiar Class

Support Art Class

To be Continue

Four fiend


  • I am not a Kid
  • All place has its own Ki

Creation Concept Edit

Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


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